Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Plymouth Argyle 4 (four) - 1 Reading

What? 4? 4 goals? For Argyle? No! Surely some mistake?

Well it wasn't a flash in the pan, and the boys went on to trounce Reading today in an unbelievable game that sees the Greens gain their biggest win for a long time. A penalty started the ball rolling followed by 3 goals within 5 minutes before the Pilgrims putting in a 4th just to seal the deal. Santa must have delivered a fairy godmother to Mariner (is her name Carver?) over Christmas because no one saw that coming.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Santa's Present

Cardiff City 0 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

My god, now I've only just got over the shock of an actual win, maybe Cardiff City Stadium will be a lucky ground - if we ever go back! The 450 Green Army (that's a shocking number really!) finally had something to celebrate thanks to a Cardiff defender, Fallon and Sawyer. Though the stats for the game are awful (2 v 8 on target for starters), a little bit of luck shone on the Greens for once, especially on the referee who gave Argyle a lot of leeway.

So that puts the Greens off the bottom for the moment, but will it be the start of a revival or a flash in the pan?

Friday, 25 December 2009

A Song for Christmas

A fantastic reworked version of Band Aid's Feed the World appeared in the latest edition of Rub of the Greens.

This Christmas time, there's every reason to be afraid;
This Christmas time, they won't do anything but they'll still get paid.
And in the league this season, we pray our games are called off,
Get the sprinklers on the pitch this Christmas time!

But say a prayer.
We won at Middlesbrough!
At Christmas time, it's hard but when Ipswich have won.

There are leagues below the Championship,
and it's a world we've been before.
Where the only match worth watching
is Leeds v Hartlepool,
and to Peterborough and Scunthorpe:
We thought you'd go back to League Two.
But it looks like it'll be us, instead of you!

And there won't be wins for Argyle this Christmas time (oh)
We hope the games get called off 'cos of snow (oh-oh)
Where no one ever scores,
Can't even get a draw,
Perhaps Home Park needs Chadwick after all!

Merry Christmas!

5 Year Plan

The 5 year plan has been announced, namely:

1. To reach the Premier League within 5 years by:
a. putting in place the necessary infrastructure
b. improve the training facilities
c. securing and developing playing staff
d. building on the youth development programme
e. improving the medical and physiotherapy activities
f. expand the scouting network

2. To create a sporting venue in Central Park by:
a. building the new stadium
b. working with international partners

3. To build the fan base by:
a. surveying the attitudes of Plymothians
b. expand communications
c. develop marketing in Japan
d. develop marketing in New England
e. launch Argyle Internet TV

4. To provide business infrastructure
a. reorganise the PAFC Holding group
b. improve technology
c. operate from modern facilities

Number 1 is only an aspiration, and at the current rate it will take more than 5 years, so that's a cop out already really. The rest cover all aspects of PAFC as a whole, including the stadium - which has already been announced - supporters and infrastructure. All in all, it's not really that surprising as all aspects needed addressing. Ok, so they've talked the talked, now let's see if they can walk the walk. So far, it doesn't seem like they have.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

All Aboard the Polar Express

Ply,outh Argyle 0 - 1 Coventry City

I am writting today from France, where due to the wrong type of snow I am stuck for the forseeable future. However, unlike my present predicament I have been unable to muster much concern for the plight of the Greens, who, like Eurostar train are going nowhere fast. Well actually that's a lie, they are going backwards in the least.

It came as little surprise as I drank my £6.50 pint of Kronnenberg whilst watching Canal+Sport (Sunderland v Man City, The Scum v 'Ull) that French have no interest outside the Premier League and I somehow found the score, that there was yet another loss. Even worse that the apathy on the terraces has spread to the pitch, though not Mariner's head who must be under the Christmas spirit.

Apparently, the 5 year plan is due imminently, though what that 5 year plan might have contained could be being hastily rewritten in to a 50 year plan. Most supporters are now resigned to relegation, though there is still mathematical hope, but as Argyle trqditionally spend years in the lower leagues, the future does not look good. Unless you count all the 'new' old tradionally grounds to visit at a cheaper entrance rate in a league that places all the rivals virtually on the doorstep verses the loss of a lot of income for the club, zero publicity and a cat in hells chance of getting or keeping quality players (not that this lot can really be classified as such at the moment). Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

They've only gone and done it

Plymouth has been officially declared a host city for England's World Cup bid 2018.

Very surprising, but congratulations are in order for once!

Now it's up to FIFA to decide what country gets the competition, though that won't be decided until next year.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Home Park Stadium

The plans for new look Home Park were revealed today, though dependent upon the World Cup Bid.

Phase one of Phase two (keeping up?) will increase and finish the current stadium to a capacity of 27,000; this is not reliant on the bid and will start at the end of NEXT season (so 2011). Phase two and phase three of phase two will add an extra tier to phase one (you sure you got that?), which will add 8,000 seats and then make the full complement of 46,000.

Now even if Argyle get the bid the legacy is going to be a 46,000 seater stadium that is far too big for the South West, though it will be multi-purpose. But,the Olympic stadium in Stratford is being built to Olympic standards and the legacy will reduce it to a more manageable size. If half that stadium could be described as "temporary", then why can't the same logic be applied to Home Park?

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mariner Out

Swansea 2 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Well that's what it should be surely? Sturrock Out/Mariner Out, same result? The only difference was the half time talk that saw a renewed performance from the Greens though the same mistakes were being made, but its a results driven business after all!

Now Mariner has inherited a mess from Sturrock, and he needs to be given time, especially for a head coach that has no managerial experience in the UK. So we're back to the beginning of another very long hard journey. And when "for the time being" ends, it will begin over once again.


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thank you Mr Sturrock

Paul Sturrock was given the ultimate sanction today as he was axed as manager following the team's plummet down the league.

Fans have been calling for Sturrock to step down for some time and it has been confirmed today that Mariner will take over - for the time being, whatever that means - and Sturrock will have some business role - whatever that means!

Thank you Mr Sturrock for what you have done over the years, but your second tenure was a disaster and probably prolonged too long. Mariner now has a tough job to drag the Pilgrims out of the relegation zone and, not being a manager in the UK ever, it will be a very tough job. Hopefully there will be some positivity surrounding Home Park now which everyone should ride into the Christmas period and spark a revival.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Swansea 1 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Well that must be it for Sturrock - he has lost the fan base (well until the next win when he'll be a hero again, but when will that happen?). The Legend has turned into a true leg end but prolonging the agony and not admitting to the mistakes that have been made since he came back. The impossible situation is perpetuating into a downward spiral that is tearing the club apart from its roots.

Argyle fans have seen it all before and once again the New World has become the old world. If the new board do not act in a way different from what the Plymouth public have got used to, then why should they care about the club? Well they don't anyway, who can really blame them?

Saturday, 5 December 2009

It's the Results that Count

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Sheffield United

Another late goal, another game where its hard to see out a full 90+ minutes. A better performance from the boys in green who could have played them off the field, but it's not the performance but the score at the end of the day that counts, which is a big fat 0. And if a win against a poor team is never going to be forthcoming then what the hell is the point really? Sturrock has always been untouchable, and with Mariner, the two of them are even less likely to feel any comeuppance that would have befallen any other manager in the country. Strange player choices, baffling substitutions and excuses already in the bag before the game has even kicked off ("it's been raining"), words fail.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Blimey that was Quick!

The date for the rematch of the Great Injustice has been fixed for Tuesday 12th Juanuary, though dependant on the 3rd Round replays of the FA Cup. Normally it takes some months for a replay to come around, so the it's surprising that it's scheduled for just a months later. Maybe the FA are trying to avoid the situation where either club's future rests on a replay.

Those supporters with proof of purchase of a ticket from the original fixture will be able to attend for free.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

3rd Round Bore

The 3rd round FA Cup draw will see Argyle play Newcastle at home. Now a few years ago this would have been an attractive fixture, but seeing as the Toon are now in the Championship, we've played them once already at theirs and they're due to come down once already, I don't really see anything that exciting. Some say it'll increase the gate, but if people come to see Newcastle win in the Cup, why should they come and see them win in the league? Either way I don't see the revenue from what will no doubt be Argyle's only FA Cup game being anything to get worked up about. Mind you it'll be a fair 'ol poke for 'em won't it - twice!

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Plymouth Argyle 1 - 4 Barnsley [Match Abandoned]

There was a lot of urine around Home Park today - a piss poor performance that took the piss resulting in being 4-1 behind at half time followed by the match being abandoned because it was pissing it down.

Luggy had the biggest pardon ever in football history when the referee decided to abandon the game during the second half due to deteriorating conditions following a woeful performance that saw initially fairly good composure by the Greens and an Argyle goal followed by 35 minutes of sheer drivel that opened up defensive howler after howler and a team that fell apart at the seems resulting in 4 conceded goals. And so the early bath was a huge relief for all concerned.

The honeymoon period is well and truly over for the two Pauls and some very severe soul searching needs to happen.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pompey and Out

One of Plymouth's rival's for the 2018 World Cup bid, Portsmouth has dropped out of the running following Portsmouth Council's refusal to provide financial backing. This now leaves Plymouth in direct competition to Bristol in the South West region. One step closer to the biggest thing to happen to Plymouth/Westcountry since it was bombed in WWII.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Back in the Shit

Leicester City 1 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

A 90+ minute goal puts Argyle back in the relegation place following a game where there was hardly any shot on target for the Greens. A pathetic game that consisted of the game old tactics of trying to defend for a point and finally giving in and conceding, especially following the recent optimism. There was a good start to the managerial set up, maybe they just got this one wrong?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

A summary of Keith Todd's answers during his live chat (in the order answered without repeats):

- Paul Sturrock is very much in, with the improvements made by Paul Mariner and PS partnership, the board are very happy
- Season Ticket holders are not being sidelined by initiatives to increase crowds with lower prices, hence the New World Deal
- PS and PM are reassessing the current squad which is too big and players are very likely to leave with 1/2 new signings
- 5 year plan due in December, along with stadium plan which is not dependent upon results on the field. Phase 1 of Phase 2 will create a capacity of 27,000.
- No comment re Paul Maxwell
- The board are happy with the level of communication with fans
- Tony Campbell is working on partnership with First Great Western re discounted tickets from "upcountry"
- Work is in progress about live screening of PA matches
- Youth development is tied up in the 5 year plan
- There are contingency plans for relegation
- The board recognise that poor form is the reason for lower gates, though more initiatives to increase gates are due
- Aspirations to be in the Premier League within 5 years
- The sale of key players is not ruled out
- The board is happy with the stewarding at Home Park
- A new training ground is being looked into
- The board is interested in welcoming other sports to use Home Park
- The DJM have told the club that few games clash with Argyle

New World Question Time

Probably not the best time to have an online question time as most people will be at work, but Keith Todd is now online answering your questions.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Out of the Mire

Plymouth Argyle 2 - 1 Doncaster Rovers

...by one place outside of the drop zone. Not much more to say really, not an A1 (or even D5) performance but the result was excellent and a good win. Hurrah!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Train now standing on Platform 1...

...will cost Argyle fans just £6.00 for a return every Saturday.

PAFC and First Great Western have teamed up to offer Cornish supporters discounted train travel on Saturdays between Penzance and Plymouth when travelling on the 11.00am departure from Penzance and returning on either the 5.29pm, 6.42pm, 8.39pm or 9.20pm departures from Plymouth. Tickets are purchasable from Penzance, St Erth, on the St Ives branch, Camborne, Redruth, Truro, Falmouth branch line, St Austell and Bodmin.

So, coupled with the free bus services (which can be caught from the railway station), the new board are certainly doing what they can to get the people into the ground, however the two biggest factors that have been quoted to me last week are 1. price and 2. the quality of the football that put people off.

Piss Off Seip?

Ex Argyle player, Seip has extended his loan at Blackpool and quite frankly for a vocal majority of Argyle fans the sooner he goes the better. Marcel has been seen as nothing but a bad influence in the dressing room, full of temper tantrums, fallings out and the cause of off the pitch shenanigans with his family and is now the most hated man at Home Park.

Does he deserve it though or is it all hear say?

Up the Boro

Middlesbrough 0 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

Well it's been a hectic weekend of travelling over most of the country and thus only just really got back home, including an epic 14+ hour round trip up the Boro. Did we really play 98 minutes of football? It seemed so much longer because when hanging on to a lead feels like every second is an eternity as sooner or later someone will muck up and it'll be game over. But it didn't happened. Well it nearly did but the penalty was missed and how much slower time passed after that! And what makes it better - it was their first match under their new manager, usually a time when the new broom has galvanised the players, though in their case he was sacked for falling crowds, not what was happening on the pitch. So figure that one out.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Or RyanGreens.

Argyle have gone the way of the UK's air industry by launching their buy online and print at home TicketFast ticketing system. Just like purchasing an airline ticket and printing your boarding card, you can now buy Home tickets online and print out your ticket at home. This saves queuing up at the box office on matchdays or getting your tickets lost in the postal strikes. So another good initiative off the field, though not a new one as other TicketMaster affiliated teams are going the same way.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Great Big Thumbs Up

Now beyond the superficial cat fighting that's been going on over the Thumbgate incident at Blackpool where Mrs Seip and Mrs Stapleton showed their support of husband and son-in-law whilst be was winning for the opposition whilst being paid to do so by the club he was playing against, who allowed that to happen, who the players did not like and have show their dissatisfaction during the Thumbs Up goal celebration verses Ipswich, which lead to Mrs Seip posting a defending article on Argyle Insider which many supporters think was ill-advised and has now cause more fractions in the club and guarantees that Seip will never return...

Does any other club air its dirty laundry so publicly?
Was Stack wrong to criticise the club and get shipped out as a bad egg?
Will Fletcher et al now follow him?

You Don't Deserve It

Been reading through a thread on a popular Argyle message board in which several posters state that Argyle will never get to the Premier League because the people of Plymouth don't deserve a Premier League club. Due mainly because they don't want to support the Pilgrims and even if riding high (well as high as Argyle have ever gotten) they still don't turn up.

Well I think comments like that do a great disservice to anyone who follows the Greens, basically it says that the last 100+ years of support were worth nothing, and today's supporters might as well pack up and go home as the dream should never ever come to fruition. But that's exactly what many have realised over the last 100+ years - their support is worth little as the club has never amounted to much, and continually looks like it never will.

If the people of Plymouth don;t want to follow Argyle then that's frankly their business, but those that do deserve something surely?

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Plymouth Argyle 1 - 1 Ipswich Town

Well it wasn't three points against the bottom of the table team, though at second bottom whoppie woo, and it wasn't a loss, but did the New World's new world actually do anything? For one the bench was animated with Mariner bossing the players, ok sometimes they didn't listen, but the stupid mistake once again caused the downfall. And Sturrock's take on the situation? It was a zany game and we looked leggy at the end. Not much of a surprise there, though he did say 'no more zany defending' after Bristol. At least we can blame the referee again for this one, especially the red card incident. But Sturrock has bought himself more time, again - in fact judging by Todd's quotes he is definitely here for the duration no matter what.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Way Forward

Official Club Statement following Friday's press conference states that all the club's coaching staff have not had their contracts renewed at the end of the season. Including Luggy's.

Paul Sturrock's contract expires at the end of the season and all options are still open as to what his relationship with the club will be then, or if any earlier change needs to be made during the season.

However Luggy is still in full charge for the rest of the season at least but there is possibility that he will move to a Director of Football role (though not called Director of Football) next year. The appointment of Mariner is just a building block on the way with the possibility for more ex-Argyle related people returning (Coughlan has been rumoured). All part of the New World 5 year plan (not to be confused with any other 5 year plan), because for one this includes a World Cup bid.

Something new or nothing new?

By the way, why are Argyle obsessed with the name Paul?

Was it Actually Summerfield's Fault?

Now that Summerfield has departed, along with Luggy's other backroom staff not having their contracts renewed, was it actually Summerfield's fault that we're in the position we're in?

For many of the games the dugout has been criticised as being very quiet with no action, Luggy regularly stood around with his hands in his pockets and from time to time Summers would be the one shouting the odds. Luggy has now said that he enjoys working with Mariner and not having to delegate training to another man. So Luggy basically left Summers to do all the training, and all the matchday work too. Did Summers also pick the teams? Who gave the talks at half time?

If so then this absolves Luggys of responsibility whilst making him seen the scapegoat for taking the flack for the team's bad performance. However as manager, is it not his responsibility to take responsibility?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hear No, Speak No, See No...

The three monkeys of Todd, Stapleton and Gardener (and the rest) have collective mass blindness to all that's happening at Home Park. Their tenure so far, heralded as New World has been more Third World and have lost a lot of the Green Army. They have done their best to bring fans to the club with the ticket prices and buses etc, but quite frankly it's (as Alex Polizzi would say) putting a cherry on a turd. The looking ahead to 2018 is now farcical when the bread and butter of daily life has gone mouldy and it's hard to see how this is going to change.

No one - fans and media alike - seems to have the wherewithal to want to do anything collectively about it. The falling attendances at HP are a sign that people will no longer put up with it - and listening now to BBC Radio Devon's moan- oops! phone-in, the consensus of opinion is that Sturrock should go. Other clubs would be holding public displays by now (how long has the Ashley affair gone on at Newcastle?) and yet the Green Army sit on their hands in fear of being branded a bad supporter. (Mind you how close have the Toon Army come to getting Ashley out?). The Herald have used the angle of "growing pressure" on Sturrock for weeks with no outcome, are they running scared of being banished once again from HP? Likewise BBC South West and ITV West.

This article and last night's commentary by Rock Cowdrey show that the club cannot see further than the end of their noses, Sturrock's match reactions do the same thing whilst churning out the same mantra and excuses. And as for Mariner, the poor guy is probably wondering what the hell he's got himself in to. And it will be very unfair of the Green Army to pin all their hopes on him.


Southgate, not Sturrock, from a team 4th from top because of falling attendances and a poor home form, whilst the cockroach who can survive a nuclear war in charge of a team at 23rd is able to continue his merry way and impose his way or the highway over new Head Coach, keep his woeful defence coach who is blamed for every match and just as poor goalkeeping coach who has done nothing to improve Le Keeper during his tenure at the Greens. Pantomime season is in full swing at Plymouth.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

1 Minute

Bristol City 3 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

It took 1 minute from watching Sky Sports News and seeing that Argyle were 1-0 down to walking in the other room to relay the news, coming back and finding them at 1-1 then repeating it all again for 3-1 down. Now obviously it didn't happen that quickly, and SSN obviously hadn't updated every graphic quickly, but there was a minutes hope there followed by a resignation of fate that has become so familiar. There really is no reason to say anything because it is all blatantly laid before us and most can see except for the board and Luggy himself, but hey Paul Mariner the Nu-Saviour is here and my god is a lot of hope riding on him. The poor guy.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Happy Mariner

Argyle have confirmed that ex player, Paul Mariner will be appointed Head Coach following his resignation from his US job. Tricky one to see what one earth is going to happen here and why. Sturrock is still in over all charge, and has blamed everyone except himself resulting in Summerfield's departure. Though defensive coach John Sloop Blackley should really have gone too. So how will Mariner coming in doing things Sturrock's way help at all?

Marcel Seip

Will never play for that man again and is delighted to have scored on Saturday. And in all honesty, I can't blame him. He's been expunged from Argyle's official site already and he's only on loan. Hopefully should Sturrock go he may consider staying for the new man.

Blame it on the Boogie

Don't blame it on my tactics, don't blame it on my substitutions, don't blame it on my man management skills, don't blame it on me, blame it on the coach trip. That's right the professional players who should be at the peak of fitness got tired on the 10 hour journey to Blackpool and following what must have been a night on the town rather than an early night, were too tired to bother to play football. Well fuck me Sturrock, some of the older element of Coach 1 have more stamina than your boys, don't give us that shit as we have to make the same journey to every away game.

As sure as Eggs is Eggs

Blackpool 2 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Well you can't get much more fucked than this can you? Useless Sturrock allowed a loan player to score a goal against us verses the ex manager. As sure as the sun rises every day the odds were on for a big loss and so it happens. Back to usual losing ways and ain;t happy at all that the one who should be gone is still here. Let's see what crap he comes out with in tomorrow's (today's!) press.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

1st Managerial Casualty

The axe has fallen on the first managerial role at Argyle this week with Kevin Summerfield given the chop when his contract will not be renewed at the end of the year. Summerfield has been Luggy's number 2 since 2001 at Southampton, Wednesday, Swindon as well as Argyle. Sturrock will continue to be in charge, which will annoy a number of Argyle fans as surely he should bear the brunt of criticism first, though it is rumoured that Summers sacking is pathing the way for Paul Mariner's return to the club in a managerial position next year. Summerfield Snr's departure will now put a light on Summerfield Jnr's position at the club too, especially as he is currently out on loan and not a fan's favourite.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Little bit of Spice

Sturrock says that Seip HAS to play against us on Saturday 1) to give the game an added edge; 2) because he'd never have gone on load if the clause to not play was not removed; and 3) he hasn't played many games and playing for the Seasiders will allow interested parties to have a look at him.

1) given that the game is against Argyle's worst enemy (sic) I hardly think it needs an edge, given that Holloway has taken Blackpool to the top of the table whilst Sturrock has dropped Argyle like a stone.
2) why the hell has he gone on loan in the first place? A part from a severe dislike by Sturrock, a fall out in the dressing room, he is now the second most hated man at Home Park (sic). Especially as our Centre Backs are now all injured.
3) Seip's a gonner as soon as there's an offer.

Basically a load of bull.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hope in Hell

Well it seems that England (Wales, Scotland) have only put in a half arsed attempt at a bid for the 2018 World Cup. FIFA have already got their guns out at the FA that England has no "God given right" to host football and the FA seriously need to raise their game. Not really surprising, FIFA don't really like the UK. Even so, it takes the sparkle off any Back the Plymouth Bid. 2018 is a pipe dream for Argyle at the moment in the setting up of a South West bid to host the games that no one else wants, key being Argyle's new all singing and dancing stadium with buttons on.

2018 has, on the face of it, appeared to be concentrating the board's efforts on the finishing of Home Park, and there doesn't seem to be a hope in hell that Plymouth, even if England are successful, will get anything out of the tournament at all. Therefore, finishing the grandstand, with a view to adding on should be the main focus. But even before that, survival in the Championship is more important.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Last Laugh?

And so another international break and where are we?

22nd in the table, 2 consecutive wins and the arch nemesis the next opposition. The name that gets stuck in the most ardent fan's throat - Holloway. The man who is, apparently, to blame for all the ills at the club is going through, the mess Sturrock had to rebuild meaning he hasn't had enough time to build his team yet. The man who loved and dumped within 24 hours for more money and the chance of working in the Premier League (no, not Sturrock when he left for Southampton - that's completely different didn't you know). And how we laughed when he took them down and got sacked. A right royal party.

Now he's the manager of Blackpool and has worked his magic into a failing team to lift them to 9th position. Plus, he now had Marcel Seip on loan, who is allowed to play against us. Who will have the last laugh?

Saturday, 3 October 2009

More Lives than a Cat

Plymouth Argyle 2 - 1 Scunthorpe United

And once again Sturrock proves he has more lives than a cat with the second win in a row just when you thought it was endgame; it's going to be very hard justifying sacking him now we have "turned the corner". It also once again proves green tints are always correct. Mind you it's 'blood and snotters' that have been Luggy's by-word for success and it appears that wins born out of ugly football are working once again, though we're not out of the relegation zone yet, the Greens are edging ever higher to now occupy 22nd place. All that is clear is that to lose is not acceptable in such a precarious position, and Sturrock is coming up with the goods. By hook or by crook.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Promotion or the Push

There's talk that if Luggy is not given the push, he should be promoted "upstairs" to a higher role at Home Park. but I'd like to ask - to what exactly?

Luggy has not proved himself in managing this club so far on the pitch, so what exactly could he do if he went "upstairs"? It has already been very strongly rumoured that the previous board's relationship with Luggy soured the 3 previous incumbents of the managerial role (namely Williamson, Pulis and Holloway), in so far as Luggy was kept in the loop regarding all that was happening at the club and undermining the managers' position. So if Luggy was still at the club doing whatever he was doing - and it can only be to do with the players, coaching etc - what will the new manager get out of the situation?

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

And the Messiah does it Again

Peterborough United 1 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

How does he do it? How can he have so many lives? Many times Sturrock has come within a gnat's whisker of decapitation and he pulls off a win. So it's all alright again! Sturrock is the man to turn it around, starting with the win tonight. Let there be no more talk of sacking of the Greatest Manager who Ever Lived, for Luggy is most certainly the one to lead us to the promised land.

One problem. Everyone else won too, so there's no change in league position.

But he's safe for a few more games. Wonderful.

CORRECTION: Sheffield United got a very last minute equaliser verses Ipswich to end the match 3-3, meaning Argyle and Ipswich swap places.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Well Done Sturrock

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Nottingham Forest

For pissing all over the event and giving the 14,000 who turned up (free or otherwise) a reason to come back. For taking the shine of the launch of the World Cup bid. For equalling the worst run of defeats since 1963. A performance of woeful proportions as usual: some flair shown by some players, a missed sitter, a defensive howler causing the winning goal, 11 men wandering round looking lost for 90 minutes. Not good enough.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


So, so far this season the crowds at Home Park have been dwindling yet we can take 2,500 to Newcastle. At the beginning of the season lower prices were announced by the board and the gates have hardly been flooded with Plymouth public stampeding to get in. Even with the introduction of Football Specials (which, have actually been well received aside from the teething problems). Though if the crowds were to increase there'd be no room, so luckily they haven't.

However, now the Great Sky Giveaway has happened and tomorrow's game verses Nottingham Forest will be screened in front of a full (ish) stadium and who knows how many at home. All because the club gave away as many FREE tickets as it could. Thus, to those in the know it follows that people are have not turned up because the ticket prices are still far too high so there will be a review of ticket prices. Again. Now there has to be some strange logic somewhere in the disorder that is the Argyle support. Because it stands to reason that if people will only come if it is free then why should they want to come no matter what price the ticket is unless it cost £0.00?

Does this only mean that people feel that the Argyle product is not worth spending anything on? Maybe there's a consolation that at least they can give it away.

Monday, 21 September 2009

I Do Believe in Sturrock

I do, I do, I do believe in Sturrock, I do, I do...

As Peter Pan managed to bring Tinkerbell back from the dead maybe the combined might of the Green Army will reanimate the genius Messiah.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

4 Ingredients to Success

Have a look at Kevin Ross' pictures on Greens on Screen for the Newcastle game (Picture 36). According to Newcastle the 4 ingredients to success are:

Justify the Shirt

Which of those 4 do Argyle possess?

When will it Go Right

Newcastle United 3 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

It's very easy to be sat behind a keyboard - sometimes anonymously - and shout the odds at Sturrock et al, but when you see it in the flesh it's not all as it seems. The long old poke ended today with a stay over in Sheffield, and because the M1 was closed a tour of some northern grounds on the way home. There is clearly something there - we are not as bad at the league table suggests though we are shit and we know we are (TM The Toon Army). Sturrock, Crudgie, Blackley et al are doing something extremely wrong when the same mistakes are happening game in game out and it hasn't improved in 2 years. Yet it is the same old story. Argyle could never the Same Old Argyle if it wasn't for the recurring flaws that blight every manager. Maybe it is the age old green is bad luck adage?

To be fair we were really expecting that much from the last three games? The glimmer of hope that Blackpool beat the Toon this week probably raised expectations beyond it being a jolly good day out. The next game is verses Forest at home in front of the cameras. This is traditionally bad omen for the Greens as a televised match usually ends in a loss.

As for Sturrock, well we are stuck with him for the duration, no amount of protest will really do any use. Luggy probably knows that he is a very lucky man to still be in charge. Derren Brown states that the combined willpower of people will result in something tangible. Now do we will the team to a win or "Sturrock out"?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Friday, 18 September 2009

Pie In the Sky

Does anyone actually truly believe that Plymouth could ever become a World Cup host city? Listening to BBC Radio Devon at the insurmountable evidence stacking up against winning in as much as:
- we have crap transport links, the nearest airports that can accept 747s and motorway are an hour away?
- we have no crowds, if the league games attract 8,000 fans, what more will a low-key match attract?
- what will we do with a 40,000 seater folly in the middle of Plymouth with 8.000 people rattleing round in it? Probably much less when we get relegated
- who from Bristol and beyond would travel all the way down to Plymouth for a game when it'll be quicker to go to London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Portsmouth...?

Is it all a waste of time and just something to placate the Pilgrims supporters into believing the newbies are thinking big?

Supporters' Club Meeting

Far from calling for the head of Luggy on a silver platter, by avoiding as far as possible a potential bun fight, the metting last night attended by about 180 people took a look at some of the more finer points about PAFC.

1. The 2018 World Cup bid
The official bid launch will be at the Forest game when Sky are in attendance, apparently the FA officials were surprised that Plymouth was more than its Dockyard. The plan is for the "FanFest" to bve held on the Hoe, and PAFC to benefit from new training facilities, along with a multipurpose stadium for use by the Raiders.

All the righ noises were being made it seems, a far cry from the interview on BBC Bristol which saw the city pooh-poohed and considered out of the running against Bristol and Portsmouth.

2. Train Travel

First Great Western and PAFC hope to partner up to offer a special £3.00 Cornwall-Plymouth ticket for matches

Another excellent initiative for the support that is vital from over the boarder, now that the football specials are attempting to gather up the Green Army in the city. Perhaps they could look in the northerly and easterly directiion too?

3. Catering at Home Park

Is franchised out and thus the prices are beyond PAFC's control, however the beer tent in the grandstand is run by PAFC and have undercut Lyndley's Catering by a significant amount causing bad feeling.


4. Season Ticket holders/Tickets

Upon reaching the Premier League might get a free one! The senior citizen age limit should be reduced from 65 to 60 and there will be a new £48 DJM team ticket which will allow entry for a whole junior football team, along with an increase in free tickets to school children from 160 to 500.

Hahahahahah, be waiting a long time for that free ticket then.

5. Players

It is hoped inthe long run that Japanses players will be brought over and that current players who dissent in the ranks deserve all they get and Luggy knows best how to deal with it.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


West Bromwich Albion 3 - 1 Plymouth Argyle
Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Watford

Plunge to the bottom, propping up the table. Deja Vue of last season just before Luggy the Great pulled off the run of wins to placate the support. The start results of the table (2 points from 7 games) are hard to swallow in their starkness, yet the performances of the losses from the players are better than they have been for some time, but the opposition have been better. Murphy's Law is at play and it'll take something big like a win at Newcastle to break the cycle. Should Luggy go? Sturrock and the fans will have to sweat it out and see. But what's for sure is that his second tenure at the club has brought it to its knees. Sturrock has become bigger than the club itself and to be frank, there's no where he could go professionally - even if he did go 'upstairs' there's a lot of bad blood around and what he could actually do up there? For a successor no one who could realistically take over - Coppell? Tisdale? Jewell? The management of the Greens is a poison chalice, even a fire fighter who can ensure survival will be criticised (ie Pulis). It is not an attractive outlook.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Vocal Minority

Too many people think that they know how to run PAFC better than anyone else, and unfortunately they are the ones who shout loudest.

Back at the end of last season there was a meeting for supporters about match day entertainment. Those that attended were very scathng in their views and the meeting agreed to turn the volume down,; have no music played for around ten minutes before the teams emerge, allowing fans to build atmosphere; make sure that Semper Fidelis is played in full; keep post-goal music, but to vary it; David Fitzgerald being assisted by Johnny Hore in interviewing guest players; have presentations to take place in centre-circle; teams emerging for second half to Chelsea Dagger, Great Escape, Johnny Comes Marching Home - not Semper.

Only 30 people turned up for the meeting, but their wishes were taken into account. So far, the reaction of those who claim not to have known or didn't bother to go or any other excuse (forum), (forum),(forum) has being scathing too, mainly along the lines of "what the hell were they thinking?" in spite of that's what people had been calling for for the whole of last season. Well the board listened, it failed so are now convening another meeting. No excuses this time.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bobby Williamson

A very unfortunate man. A man who was appointed manager in April 2004 and fired in September 2005 after a poor run of results. A man who had had less chances than the present incumbent to prove himself was thrown out (he had a 34% success rate). And yet he who must not be derided(wuith a 31% success rate) is still here despite only just saving us from relegation (a job well done say some, a stroke of luck thanks to the other clubs say others) and now having only won 4 times at home since last Boxing Day. Why?

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Off with his Head

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 3 Sheffield Wednesday

Another loss, this time made worse because it was at home - the once fortress Home Park, and at any other club there would be mass outrage calling for the manager's resignation forthwith or at least be on the rocky road. Yet little old Argyle is still wrestling with itself over its Messiah and revered one. Notwithstanding the better play than last season's very bad effort the results are not forthcoming and neither is there any light on the horizon in spite of all the new players thrown at the cause, it's just the kitchen sink left, yet with the same management set up nothing is going to change. Maybe we can blame this one on the referee, he made some poor decisions against the Greens. Maybe next time it'll be the biggest game and things will change.


Friday, 28 August 2009

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Well not quite, there are now Argyle Football Specials trundling around Plymouth every home match, now the New World are adding a train to their initiative.

First Great Western have agreed to run an extra train back to the Duchy after the home match against Sheffield Wednesday, allowing supporters to see every kick of the game.

The train will depart from Plymouth at 5.15pm and call at Saltash, St Germans, Liskeard and Bodmin Parkway before reaching Par at 6.07pm.

Argyle chief operating officer Tony Campbell said: "We are delighted First Great Western have agreed to our request to help out our Cornish supporters.

The New World are doing a lot to improve the plight of the Green Army off the pitch, now for a change of fortunes on the field...

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Missing Out

Following Argyle feels a bit like everyone else has been invited to the part without you. Whilst other teams and supporters partied in the second round of the League Cup, the Green Army were left home alone. While others have had brand new seats to sit and and toilets to do their business in, the Green Army fidget on the wooden tip ups with their knees round their ears and pee up against a black painted wall. While the winners go home happy, the Greens go home in anticipation of next time it'll be better.

In a few month's time the new 5 year plan will be announced, hopefully this'll be Argyle's party and no one else will be allowed to come.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Millwall v West Ham

The reason why football is so sanitised and you feel oppressed for being a supporter.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Your Support is Fucking Shite

Apologies for the obscenity there, maybe "f*****g" would be better, or even "flipping" would be better? What about "shite"? Is that bad? Maybe "your support is rather poor" would be better?

Maybe that's the way that football is heading these days? There has been a rumble going on since the Greens were promoted into League One [as is], that the support of the Green Army is more plastic soldiers than SAS. The days of freedom on the terraces have gone, along with the terraces. Once word out of place and you're out of the place. Stand up for more than 10 seconds and you'll be standing up in the local cop shop emptying your pockets. Moan about poor play and get shushed, cheer and get tutted at. Play a bugle, beat a drum and it'll be inserted into a rather painful place.

Football supporters are an ecclectic bunch and that, like life, makes the world go round. Get rid of everyone you don't agree with and you'll be alone, but hey that makes you a better supporter than they ever were. Someone who comes along every game, has paid money, travelled a distance and moans is not seen as a supporter. Football has always been entertainment, but now it is success lead entertainment - no sucess means no entertainment. And no entertainment means people feel agrieved and want to vent their frustrations. Catch 22, players want the crowd to do their bit, the crowd want the players (who are being paid to play from their ticket after all) to do theirs. But then again when has shouting "Have you ever seen your dick?" at a fat away supporter, encouraging your own team?

Is the changing face of football at the real root of the problems? The Thatcherism dislike of the game that got out of control because men couldn't feel the game was complete until they'd kicked at least 3 opposition supporters' heads in? Or because the police were too arrogant in their handling of games to cause the death of supporters in front of the world's cameras? Or because the clubs were more concerned about profits than their own income and let the grounds get into a deplorable state and forget those that funded them? (That last one sounds familiar.) Some of the changes have been good - why should people be fearful when watching a ball game? But can we go too far the other way? Will singing songs be banned because it will upset the away fans? Will all games be forced to end 0-0 because winning is bad and unfair?

But while supporters fight amongst themselves, we forget what we have in common.
The love of one football team.

Argyle 2018

The new board have laid the foundations for a new stadium above and beyond that of what we were spoon-fed for the last 10 years with their bid to host matched for the World Cup 2018. And with the Life Centre now given the go ahead, the stumbling block/excuse of the previous board for delaying Phase II/Redevelopment of the South Stand, has gone. Therefore, should it not really start as soon as the hoardings go up around the Mayflower Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool?

What are we to expect? A stadium with a capacity of 40,000, double that of what we have currently/with Phase II complete. Yet with the fan base we have today, who would fill it outside of the Cup matches? A pipe dream perhaps? Or real ambition? Without doubt the intention is great to increase the profile of Plymouth, not just Argyle, but the city worldwide. But let's not run before we can walk.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Shock Ending

Derby County 2 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

Results are the only thing that matters in football and Sturrock said he was stunned and shocked at the ending of the game yesterday. it doesn't matter that Argyle played well for most of the game and managed to hold the Rams out for 89 minutes. Football lasts at least 90 minutes - most of the time even longer than that. You have to concentrate on the game for the whole time - one blink in Monopoly and the opposition have advanved to GO conquering the greens, built hotels on Mayfair and stolen £1,000 from the bank. Miscalculations and judgements result in goals - and a miss judgment by Le Keeper costs the game. And if Sturrock was shocked - what was he doing? Watching Sky Sports News perhaps thinking it was all over - it is now. The Greens are now taking up their now familiar position of holding up the league, far too early to make a real judgement on what'll happen by next year, but not too early to be worried.

Friday, 21 August 2009

It's History

History is complex. History is in the past, cannot be undone, cannot change and cannot be relived. Yet history shapes the present and the future.

Sturrock has history, Sturrock's history with Argyle has been good. He was a revered man who was at the helm at the right time to lift the club out of the duldrums. He has a good record.

Sturrock has history, Sturrock's history with Argyle has been bad. Since he returned he has been a shadow of his self and has played a very poor game and continues to.

Argyle has history. Traditionally a lower league team at the peak of its history. Good times of highs, bad times of lows.

History shapes battles. The Sturrock lamenters say 'remember his history, remember Argyle's hisory, remember he has had to rebuilt after the Holloway fiasco'.

History shapes battles. The Sturrock doubters say 'forget history, what's gone has gone, it's here and now that it counts'.

History bites. 'It's not just 4 games we've been bad, it's the whole of the last season...'


Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Plymouth Argyle 1 - 3 Cardiff City

Albert Einstein said the definition of Insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And this can be applied to Argyle's modus operandi. Sticking with Sturrock and his style of play since his return is only going to result in the same old same old and here we are with the first defeat of the season due to poor football, poor defending, poor finishing.
Tell a lie - we played well in the second half, for about 20 or so minutes when we dominated and matched the Bluebirds. And we got a consolation goal! Something that was unthinkable last season.

A little tinkering with the formation of the squad, a lot of money thrown at players - and more on the horizon, and yet the gaffer doesn't know what to do with them. He even had the excuse trotted out that tonight will be a tough game (same old same old). And let's look at the suppoters' point of view that it's a new team that hasn't gelled yet (same old same old), that he needs time (same old same old), that we're just 3 games into the season plus a league game (same old same old). The serious stumbling block on the New World's vision is if there are no results on the pitch. A few steps in the right directions now. Let's hope really hard that New World is not Same Old Same Old.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Sound of Silence

The New World have responded to the fans' pleas to turn off the music before the match so they crowd can build and atmosphere, and were met with a low murmer in response. Many supporters have been harping on for years that the music played before the match and after goals kills dead the supports' chance to get a natural atmosphere going and yet when the chance arises nothing happens. Inspite of all that New World has done the first crowd of the season was just 11,500, the Green Army less willing to show vocal support though they should not be blamed - a part from a few clubs, many crowds have fallen silent following the sanitation of football over the decades and nothing is going to change that. But at least the club have tried, shame he moaners didn't when they had the chance.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Gorkss's Gift

Plymouth Argyle 1 (Gorkss og 90) - 1 QPR (Helgusson 43)

A very very late own goal saves embarrassment again for the Greens following a very scrappy game and it wasn't even a Green shirt that scored it. QPR were the better team for the first half and were rewarded with a goal just before half time and continued with Argyle swapping formations more times than an incontinent's pants and some of Sturrock's signature strange substitutions, though he praise's the team's resolve. Well if dropping heads, miss-placed passes and having to wait for an equaliser courtesy of the opposition is resolve, then very few exciting matches are coming up. The New World has not made an impact on the pitch yet dispite all the money and players thrown at the team, and whilst they stick with the Old World, then the same old same old remains.

The Good Ship Mayflower

Not only is the Mayflower unreserved seating area cheaper than anywhere else in the ground, there is now cheaper beer on offer for the first time since Thatcher's terraces alcohol ban in the old side of the ground if you aren't a corporate customer or a member of the Far Post Club. The new "Outpost" bear tent is open for business, serving pints at a cheaper rate than the rest of the ground. Soon the old side will be the busiest in the stadium. The new board are running roughshod over the old ways and stamping their mark on the club to ingratiate themselves with the supporters. An announcement about phase 2 is due in December, hopefully with no mention of the word 'imminent'.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Defending Team?

There's no need to look out for goals from the Argyle because Sturrock has said that we are more of a defending team. In his post match interview after the defeat at Gillingham he stated that

"We had people in our back four who want to play, rather than defend. We could have lost it in a couple of key moments on Saturday, with people trying to play in the wrong areas...

...Too many of my defenders are thinking they are footballers at this minute...

...I want my back four players to be competent in passing the ball but know that their job, first and foremost, is to not give goals away. When the other team had the ball, we were the poorest I have seen us for a long time....

...We have got to the stage where the thought processes on what we're trying to achieve at the other end means that when we lose the ball, we're not concentrating on doing the things we were good at last season"

"Yes, we are getting better at creating chances; we have created several chances over the last two games. "But, at the same time, we are not as solid as we were and we have got to add that to our game."

So whilst the chances of something happening up front are increasing, his main concentration is to not let the ball get past the back 4. And what were we good at last season? Not much, if anything. This better not be a sign of things to come.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Predicatably Pathetic Plymouth

Gillingham 2 - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Summerfield)

So basically nothing's changed. We're crap. We're crap in the league cup - Sturrock has no hold over cup games and can do nothing to break the predictability of losing as soon as we're in. But more importantly on the pitch, nothing has changed in how we play - namely the wasted chances. Even when in control of the game. Where other teams like to have a pop at goal, we take the cautious route, don't bother and let the opposition score. There were good individual performances, and Summerfield managed to actually get on the score sheet, so at least there was some hope of a come back - small mercies.

Argyle were tipped to be the only team to go through tonight and that's a poison chalaice to start with, have they not learnt from the past? So once again it's off for an early shower, because frankly, who wanted it more?

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Argyle's New World

The brand "New World" has been rolled out at Home Park at the start of the new season to mark the new regime's presence at the helm of the good ship Mayflower.

The dawn of New World encompasses a host of initiatives including:

- the introduction of barcoded tickets for the home turnstiles. Season Tickets and matchday tickets now come complete with a barcode that is scanned by the turnstile operator, the information is then sent to the box office to confirm the ticket's validity. Hopefully this scheme has been tested with more than 5 people attempting to enter at the same day, or we'll be seeing long queues well after kick off next week.

- a new corporate entertainment venue. Aside from the Pyramid Suite, Executive boxes, Argyle Lounge and the Chisholm lounge, the executive boxes in the East end of the grandstand have been ripped out and replaced by the new Business Club where guests can watch the game from the comfort of never having to mingle with the masses and their prawn sandwiches will be freshly delivered from Ginsters.

- matchday 'mix and mingle'. Players not included in the team can no longer sit back at the rear of the grandstand, they must turn up suited and booted and be prepared to meet the fans including informal chats and autograph signings in the superstore, giving speeches in the corporate hospitality suites and keeping the fore-mentioned business clients happy.

- the subtle rebranding of the online superstore to Argyle Direct.

- the football specials.

Some good initiatives there but let's hope they're not just putting a cherry on a turd and the new regime has a bit more substance.

And We're Off...

Crystal Palace 1 (Lee 62) - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Timar 5)

A but of a sweet and sour start to the season's campaign, and this excludes what was happening in the away changing room toilet at Loftus Road*, with a valuable point or 2 points lost. Whilst it was encouraging to see that the Greens created more chances and attacks on goal than last season, as Sturrock put it 'we sat on the lead and defended too deep'. Er, hello Paul! We did that all last season, why the heck do you think it would have changed if you're still in charge and not changed the attitude? It's up to you to direct the game as it happens - if there's too much defending then bloody well sort it out! The formation he chose worked better than last season, and he chose to play safe with his team selection - though the new 7 subs rule this season saw new keeper Letheren warm the bench alongside Johnson - and resulted in a goal by Timar after 5 minutes, and it wasn't until just after the second half kick off until the Eagles pulled it back. But still there wasn't that much to excite the eye at the dawn of the New World except to say that they didn't fall to pieces after the Palace goal and managed to keep their heads.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Return of the Football Specials

BBC Radio Devon's Green Buff, Gordon Sparks, mentioned today on his programme the return of Football Specials to Plymouth.

A network of buses will run from around the city to Home Park on matchdays, which are FREE upon production of a matchday ticket and will stop at all recognised stops along each route.

The routes are:

PA1: Wembury, Staddiscombe, Plymstock
PA2: Plympton, Laira, Mutley, Peverell
PA3: Glenholt, Derriford Hospital, Estover, Leigham, Austin Farm
PA4: Tamerton Foliot, Southway, Crownhill
PA5: Whitley, Earnesettle, West Park, Honicknowle
PA6: Saltash, St Budeaux
PA7: City Centre circular

More details available here


What a fantastic scheme! Exactly what people have been asking for over the last few years, plus it will ease congestion and parking at Home Park and at no extra cost to supporters. However, this may pave the way for a charge to be introduced at the car park in Central Park. But for now it deserves our support.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

3 Days to Go

The new campaign starts in 3 days with the away trip to Palace followed by the League Cup haul to Gillingham, and where are we?

Jason Puncheon, a well liked flair player, has gone on a year's loan to MK Dons, effectively extending his stay there from last season. Some Pilgrims fans do not agree with Sturrock's decision to get rid of an effective player from the squad. Doumbe is also near to signing for Millwall after he fell out of favour and was replaced by Barker, Walton was also trialling for the Lions at the same time.

New signing Wright-Philips is already signed for a year long loan. Judge returns from Blackburn and impressed Sturrock with his commitment last season.

It's time for the club to ramp up the publicity for the club, especially as the Palace game is already a sell out.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Geddon ya Janner

From obscurity to nationwide coverage, following the appearance of Pilgrim Pete on the BBC adverts for the Championship, Argyle are now featuring in an advert by Aviva. Green Army member, Paul Whitehouse (now there's irony really), sporting this season's short and a rather dodgy accent, talks about how he, Big Dave, Burd, Buey and Janner had spend so much money on 22 away games last season (which one did they miss?) and champions the insurance company on his drive to Newcastle speculating on what he will spend his saved money on.

If you haven't seen it yet, catch it on YouTube

Friday, 31 July 2009

Pilgrim Pete

gets a staring role in the BBC Sport adverts.

Keep an eye out for the adverts on the BBC for their football coverage to see Pilgrim Pete with his mascot friends (or enemies).

No Naked Matches

Probably a disappointment for some of the ladies, but the away kit was launched today. It appears some people got a sneak peak at what it would be when the club accidentally released a negative version of it instead of the long sleeve home shirt.

After the last few years of dabbling with tangergreen, yellow and black, Argyle have returned to the new 'traditional' green and white colour scheme and have a two smart shirts.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Preseason: Heart of Midlothian

Argyle 0 - 0 Harts

A good sign hopefully, the last few matches have seen a positive attitude towards the game, even though there was nothing to see from the 90 minutes' effort. Players have stated that there is a positivity at the club and that the mood is that finally the Greens will be going somewhere. The change of mood in the club is excellent following last season's dour negativity that permeated everything and brought such a bad outcome. The warm up games compared to last season's will hopefully see Argyle go into the season on the right footing, which should have a knock on effect with the momentum continuing. Those at the match have said that the players are working better and producing some good style. Vive la revolution!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Preseason: Unirea and Morecambe

Unirea 1 - 2 Plymouth Argyle
Morecambe 0 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

Preseason back on track with two wins and marking the end of the 'tour'. What's become most interesting to me is that supporters who watch have said that Argyle appear to be hammering out a Plan B of sorts. All through last season there was only one plan and frequently it went wrong. There was no possibility of getting out of trouble, there were very few come backs and once we conceded a goal it was a conclusion that the game was beyond reach. However there appears to have been a change and some semblance of an attempt to turn things around is emerging. Long may it continue.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


The end of the month sees two departures from Argyle, namely keeper Graham Stack will have his contract terminated on 1st August, and Michael Dunford will leave from 31st July.

Stack's departure comes as a welcome relief to many as he is seen as a rotten apple who's caused dissent and rot in the heart of team spirit, whilst Dunford's departure is more natural following the take over and his tenure coming to an end. Dunford has lead from the helm for many years and has over seen a lot of good at Argyle, but is also felt to have caused stumbling blocks and in more recent years held the club back. What ever both should be wished well in their future.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


The squad numbers for the forthcoming season have now been finalised:

1 Romain Larrieu
2 Karl Duguid
3 Jim Paterson
4 Carl Fletcher
5 Krisztian Timar
6 Chris Clark
7 Jason Puncheon
8 Jamie Mackie
9 Steve Maclean
10 Bradley Wright-Phillips
11 Kari Arnason
12 Green Army
13 Mathias Kouo- Doumbe
14 Rory Fallon
15 Chris Barker
16 David McNamee
17 Craig Noone
18 Gary Sawyer
19 Marcel Seip
20 Luke Summerfield
21 Graham Stack
24 Ashley Barnes
26 Yannick Bolasie
27 Lloyd Saxton
28 George Donnelly
29 Damien McCrory
30 Simon Walton
31 Yoann Folly
32 Joe Mason
33 Ben Gerring
34 Liam Head
35 Ryan Brett
40 Argyle Foundation

Another New Signing

Now we should never question a signing as we are desperate for all the help we can get, yet why have we signed another player and not sold any, when we are supposed to have too big a squad already? Maybe the new board have caused the old mantra of not enough money and balancing the books to be brushed aside and we can now spend with wanton abandon. Puzzling.

But anyway, Icelandic midfielder, Kari Arnason has signed on a one year deal and will take the number 11 shirt. The 26 year old has played in many countries including Sweden and Denmark as well as Iceland.

Pre-season: Livingstone

Livingstone 2 - 1 Argyle

Oh, it's getting worse an echo of last year where pre-season ended in losses that carried on to the whole of the season and league game. I hope it will not be the same again, yet news from onlookers is worrying as the Greens are regressing to the poor style of play that we saw for far too long. Has Sturrock et al not learnt anything?

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Preseason: Torquay and Skelmersdale

Torquay United 3 - 3 Plymouth Argyle (Fallon, Sawyer, Summerfield)
Skelmersdale United 0 - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Fallon, Paterson)

Is there a cause for concern already for next season in what we are seeing in pre-season? The reason being that the opposition are very critical of how the Greens are playing at the moment, even if they are getting the wins. With the exception of the Torquay match, every game so far has been a win. Though you must wonder why a Championship team can only hold out for a draw against a Blue Square when Bristol Rovers (league 1) can beat then 4-1.

For the Gulls game Sturrock appears to have played his near-first XI, with a couple of exceptions (Saxton in goal again, and some half time swaps) and likewise for Skelmersdale a selection from his forst choices (with Larrieu and Wright-Philips). But even so the Skel fans are not impressed by the 'so called Championship club's' performance, though it's very interesting to see that fans' un-favourites are baggibg the pre-season goals, though possibly the 'stroll in the park' style of play could be helping.

Sturrock still has a lot of work to do on the squad, not least trying to offload those he hates to any Tom, Dick or Harry who'll come in for them with an offer of a mint polo and a cheeky smile, but so far even that hasn't happened. The markerting of disgraced players who are constantly talked down in the press, banished from games, left out of training and left behind on the tour is pathetic and quite frankly so Argyle. If other clubs have managed to offload their trash (mainly to the Pilgrims!) and to big up their fallen stars (Barton for example) then it's surely not beyond possibility.

The Scotland tour is now under way with some doubt still cast over the game verses Livingstone.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Wright Stuff

Former Southampton striker, Bradley Wright-Philips, son of Ian Wright and half brother of Shaun Wright-Philips, has signed for Argyle. Previously playing for clubs such as Manchester City and Middlesbrough he has been described as a natural goal scorer, and scored 6 from 17 appearances for the Saints last season.

Wright-Philips has signed for 2 years after being released from Southampton and becomes the Green's second signing this summer. He describes himself as being born to score. It remains to be seen whether he will fit with Luggy's style and his talents will be allowed to flourish at Home Park.

Wright-Philips will wear the number 10 shirt.

Preseason: Truro and Parkway

Truro City 0 - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Puncheon, Barnes)
Plymouth Parkway 1 - 3 Plymouth Argyle (Mason, Rickard)

Off to a good start with wins all round. Luggy deciding to play two separate teams at Truro but with second place keeper Saxton completing the full 90 minutes (Larrieu is injured) show that Stack is well out in the wilderness banished never to return waiting to be off loaded to whoever will have him. There are reports of two trialists who are shoruded in secerecy as normal for they don't appear in any match report. One is rumoured to be Kari Anderson, just 1 lucky one who has, so far, the Luggy X Factor. But that still remains to be seen. The youth got off to a poor start on Tuesday as Parkway bagged the first goal, but the Greens then equalised by converting the penalty before taking the lead thanks to Mason and Rickard. Sturrock is pleased with what he's seen, though some supporters state that there were some poor individual performances that have not changed since last season.

That'll do for starters, the first games of the warm up campaign to blow out the cob-webs and should now set the tone for the rest. As last season's pre-season was a washout followed by a washout of a season, these testing the water games are going to be an indication of what we can expect over the year.

Monday, 13 July 2009

5 Year Deal

Fancy signing up to Argyle for 5 years?

Well if you do you can now earn up to 25% off the cost over those 5 years with the new cumulative "New World Season Ticket" incentive scheme.

How it works is thus: Purchasing a season ticket for the 2009/10 season will give you 5% discount off the 2010/11 season tickets, which then gives you 10% discount on the 2011/12 season tickets and so on for 5 years, where by 2014/15 you will get 25% off (only on green season tickets).

So Argyle have come up with a scheme to encourage return supporters, and whilst this is rewarding those who already have a season ticket (along with the other incentives they receive), and are more than likely buy again, it does little to attract the new people to buy in the first place. The only thing that will encourage them is good performances on the pitch. And whether that is forthcoming remains to be seen.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Plymouth Prices

Matchday ticket prices have seen a shake up yesterday when Argyle announced that the £2.00 surcharge for pay on the pay has been scrapped and the Mayflower Unreserved Seating prices have fallen by £7.00.

Grandstand, Devonport, Lyndhurst, Barn Park
Adult - £24
Over 65 and under 23 - £16
Under 18 - £7

Mayflower Terracing
Adult - £15
Over 65 and under 23 - £12
Under 18 - £5

Many people have bemoaned and cited ticket prices as a reason why the crowds won't turn up, now's the chance to test that theory with prices that no longer discriminate the last minute people, are on a par or lower than other clubs and include cut-price opition for those on a tighter budget.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Getting Extra Friendly

An additional game verses Tiverton Town make the full list now:

Monday 13 July. Truro City, Treyew Road
Wednesday 15 July, Torquay United, Plainmoor, 19.45
Saturday 18 July, Skelmersdale United, The Skelmersdale & Ormskirk College Stadium, 15.00
Sunday 19 July - Friday 24 July, Pre-season Tour, Scotland
Monday 20 July, Livingston, Almondvile
Wednesday 22 July, Unirea
Saturday 25 July, Morecambe, Christie Park
Wednesday 29 July, Hearts, Home Park, 19.45
Saturday 1 August, Swindon Town, The County Ground, 15.00
Monday 3 August, Tiverton Town, Ladysmead,19.45

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Give it some Heart

The home pre-season match will be verses SPL side, Hearts on Wednesday 29 July, 19.45.

Monday 13 July. Truro City, Treyew Road
Wednesday 15 July, Torquay United, Plainmoor, 19.45
Saturday 18 July, Skelmersdale United, The Skelmersdale & Ormskirk College Stadium, 15.00
Sunday 19 July - Friday 24 July, Pre-season Tour, Scotland
Monday 20 July, Livingston, Almondvile
Wednesday 22 July, Unirea
Saturday 25 July, Morecambe, Christie Park
Wednesday 29 July, Hearts, Home Park, 19.45
Saturday 1 August, Swindon Town, The County Ground, 15.00

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Took Over

Following Paul Stapleton's resignation as chairman today, Argyle have announced that Sir Roy Gardener will be his successor following him obtaining 13% of the club's shares.

The former Manchester United chairman, who left in 2005, took over the helm from Stapleton today and already has plans to aim towards top flight football and increase the budget for players, something Pilgrims fans have been longing to hear. Stapleton has stepped down to vice chairman, and he, Gardener, Dennerly, Wrathall and Todd, and Synan (who represents the 38% for K&K) will now be in charge of the Greens and marks the end of the takeover.

So far it has all been positive and with the influence of a football man, not least someone from the biggest club in the world, can hopefully only mean good for the beleaguered Argyle, now it's up to the new board to deliver on their words.

Stapleton to Stand Down

Today at 11.00am.

According to BBC Radio Devon, Stapleton is due to stand down today marking the completion of the takeover, with the new board taking over.

Keep an eye on the local news for breaking details.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

More Pre-Seasoning

A couple of additions to the pre-season schedule make the full list:

Monday 13 July. Truro City, Treyew Road
Wednesday 15 July, Torquay United, Plainmoor, 19.45
Saturday 18 July, Skelmersdale United, The Skelmersdale & Ormskirk College Stadium, 15.00
Sunday 19 July - Friday 24 July, Pre-season Tour, Scotland
Monday 20 July, Livingston, Almondvile
Wednesday 22 July, Unirea
Saturday 25 July, Morecambe, Christie Park
Wednesday 29 July, (opposition to be confirmed), Home Park, 19.45
Saturday 1 August, Swindon Town, The County Ground, 15.00

Late Night Reading

The Tuesday evening game verses Reading at the Madjeski Stadium on the 9th February will now kick off at 8.00pm.

Very advanced warning there!