Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Little bit of Spice

Sturrock says that Seip HAS to play against us on Saturday 1) to give the game an added edge; 2) because he'd never have gone on load if the clause to not play was not removed; and 3) he hasn't played many games and playing for the Seasiders will allow interested parties to have a look at him.

1) given that the game is against Argyle's worst enemy (sic) I hardly think it needs an edge, given that Holloway has taken Blackpool to the top of the table whilst Sturrock has dropped Argyle like a stone.
2) why the hell has he gone on loan in the first place? A part from a severe dislike by Sturrock, a fall out in the dressing room, he is now the second most hated man at Home Park (sic). Especially as our Centre Backs are now all injured.
3) Seip's a gonner as soon as there's an offer.

Basically a load of bull.

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