Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Highs and Lows - and it's only been 3 games

The high came from beating Portsmouth in the League Cup.  But then it was only Argyle-no-money beating kids from Pompey-even-less-money.  But it's been a while since the Greens have progressed in a cup competition.
General service has resumed in the league with a loss on opening day to The Shots and only a draw at the Daggers.  The poor play is still evident under Fletcher's command.  But there is a long way to go yet.


Due to having a new job and thus very little time, I will be unable to update this blog as often as I would like from now on.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

PreSeason: Yeovil

Yeovil Town 5 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Not the best start to the preseason or indication for the league ahead with a 5-0 loss to local rivals, Yeovil; including a red card for Chadwick.  And to come unstuck against ex-players too.  Still, it is only a 'friendly' warm up.  Like Team GB's match verses Brazil.  Maybe.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Return of the Specials

Football Specials operated by Plymouth CityBus make a return next season, operating on Saturday Home Matches only.

The services are:

PA2 Ivybridge - £4 return fare

PA1 Wembury - £3.50 return fare

PA3 Glenholt - £3 return fare
PA4 Tamarton Foliot - £3 return fare
PA5 Whitleigh - £3 return fare
PA6 Saltash- £3 return fare
PA7 Plymstock - £3 return fare
PA8 Plympton - £3 return fare

In addition to the above fares, a £2 return is available on routes when they reach the City Centre, Wolseley Road (Flats), Crownhill, or Stoke Village.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Save the last Walts for me

The skipper has abandoned the ship.  Former Argyle captain Simon Walton has left the club to join Hartlepool United next season due to family issues.  Walton made 66 appearances for the Greens in 4 seasons and was the highest goal scorer last season whilst also acting as captain.  His move up north will allow him to spend more time with his family in Leeds, and leaves behind a disappointed Carl Fletcher who paid tribute to the work he did in ensuring the club's league status last season.

'Allo 'Allo

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rene!

With the departure of Le Keeper, Argyle have been on the look out for a new man between the sticks, and that guy has turned out to be Rene Gilmartin, a 25 year old former under 21 Irish keeper.  Gilmartin has joined on a 2 year deal having been released by his former club, Watford, most of which was spent on loan.  Rene started his career at Walsall in 2005 where he made 35 appearances.  Oh and he's Irish really, not French - you stupid woman!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kitted Up

It's here, the new Argyle strip for the new 12/13 season

Going back to Puma as manufacturer and the canary yellow away kit of a few years ago, but with a hit of the classic 'Topps' kit that was a retro hit with the fans by having the band across the chest.  Now the New World is the old world, the club's crest is its rightful incarnation, and in a new departure for Argyle, is that sponsorship I spy on the back as well as the front. The kits will go on sale first from 9am on Saturday 11 August, although pre-orders will be taken in store, on line and by telephone from Wednesday1 August.
All in all a very smart kit, although you can't please everyone - where's the Argyle black and the green is the wrong shade again.  Still won't be the Green Army without something to moan about.  At least we're not being forced to play in red like Cardiff.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's a Fix

League fixtures have been released and with all 3 Devon teams being in the same league after many years, there are quite a few highlights.  Old foes Exeter will be clashed with at home on Easter Saturday (30 March) and away preChristmas, whilst Torquay is the Boxing Day home game and an away trip early on in September (Sat 8th).  Both promise to be big gate games, and following trouble at the last Exeter-Argyle meetings, very dicey too.

The season kicks off home to Aldershot (Sat 18 August) and ends on one of the long away trips to Rochdale (Sat 27 April),  other long trips include York on Easter Monday (1 April) and Fleetwood (Sat 17 November).  Again, there are only a handful of Tuesday night games, most being in the first half of the season, and include Dagenham away (21 August), Rovers home (18 September), Wycombe away (2 October), Cheltenham away (23 October) and Burton home in November; whilst New Year's Day sees a trip to the other "Westcountry" rivals, Bristol Rovers.

Full fixtures here.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Battle of the Ports

Step back in time to when Gus v Pompey was a big event in dockyard terms, and it hasn't totally gone away even in football.  So this year's first round of the League Cup sees Argyle pitted against Portsmouth at Home Park taking place either 14th/15th August (is the fireworks championship night again?).  We've met 90 times and Argyle have only won on 36 of those occasions, the last meeting being the FA Cup in 2008 when Portsmouth won in spite of the Greens taking the lead.  I remember they did a great Chilli burger outside the ground.

Additionally, only 2 days to league fixtures are released this Monday.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

PreSeason 2012

Preseason friendlies are starting to be arranged now, so far with
Saturday July 21 v Yeovil Town (A) 15.00
Tuesday July 24 v Truro City (A) 19.45
Friday July 27 v Weston-super-Mare (A) 19.45
Tuesday July 31 v Tiverton Town (A) 19.45
Wednesday August 8 v Preston North End (H) 19.45

The Truro away match now becoming a tradition, along with revisits to Yeovil, Weston and Tiverton.  And Ridsdale returns to Home Park with his new team, PNE. No money for a tour this year!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Flied Lice Bilds?

What is it with football in the UK?  With the pursuit of money and fortune that history and tradition can be ridden roughshod over the ordinary supporter without hindrance.  It was bad enough when Argyle went Japanese and introduced a new badge and a new song with the so called 'New World', my god it was galling when pandering to Sturrock that orange became out official away colour.  But to annihilate the Bluebirds is beyond belief.  OK, some may argue that Cardiff and imposters in the EFL anyway, but just to insure the bucks come rolling in ('future investment') a 'rebrand' is essential.  Bollocks!

So what do the new Chinese owners of Cardiff want?  Essentially for them to give up their traditions - a blue kit to be replaced by a red one because it's luckier and scientifically more successful (try telling that to Man City fans this season), and replace their club crest with a Welsh Dragon to promote identity.  Now come on!  What utter shite is this - how can you ditch a club's history?  It's not without precedent though - look at Arsenal's new strip including Spurs's blue.  Or QPR's rebrand.  

The trouble with football is that its got too big for its boots - in the persuit of wealth it has forgotten who is at it's heart - the fans; and granted the Cardiff supporters will probably adapt like a lot of others have.  But, if we allow 'outsiders' free reign over what many hold dear, what hope has the humble man or woman got?  And ultimately we are to blame - for it is the supporter who has encouraged such spending and outstripped what our own country has to offer.  When have to appease those who hold the purse string - no matter how incompetent (in Argyle's case) or how much you protest (just look at how influential the Man U traditional were at ousting the Glazers ie naff all) the supporter, the history, the tradition means fuck all.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day of Sport

Yesterday marked another remarkable day in football - and sport as a whole - especially down here in Plymouth.  Firstly West Ham clinch promotion in a nail biting game, then as the Olympic Torch made its way through the streets, Chelsea would be firing one more penalty home against Bayern to be crowned Champion of Champions in Europe - and thus through a stroke of ill fate knocked Tottenham out of their 4th position into Europa, thus negating the whole of the season. 

Plymouth was in carnival mood yesterday with the combination of Lord Mayor's Day and the Olympic Torch relay, having been bedecked in red white and blue as people came to see the symbol  will dominate the summer, the other half of the city were watching the TV as Chelsea v Bayern descended into English v Germans (though how many English players are there at Chelsea?).  And if you thought that the ending of the Premier League a week ago was dramatic, then the ending of the Champions League was just as heart stopping.

But for all the thrill that this season of top flight football has brought with the race for 1st place, race for 3rd, race for 4th etc, and the subsequent matches that sealed the outcomes, what have we learnt?  That the winning clubs are those that spend their way to victory.  And you don't even have to be that good - in the case of Chelsea, who have ousted a team who were better than them in their own league. 

So what of next season?  Well to be sure that the 'winners' - Chelsea, City. are now out to get whoever they want at whatever cost, and will probably get their way, bolstered by their success.  Arsenal will probably lose Van Persie, and Spurs will probably lose half their squad.  And United are always a safe bet for agents.  I would say that, unlike the Games, next season's football will probably be more predictable.  And what a shame if it is.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Comings and Goings II

What an end to a season with City clinching the Trophy at the very last gasp of the league.  Things are shaping up now as to whom Argyle will be playing next season, with just the play-offs left.  We already know that Swindon, Shrewsbury and Crawley have gone up, and Hereford and Macclesfield wont feature due to their relegation.  Old foes Exeter on the other hand will be a feature, along with other ex-League One clubs Wycombe, Chesterfield and Rochdale.  Likewise we know that a trip to Blackpool's neighbours, Fleetwood, is guaranteed but who out of Wrexham, Mansfield, York or Luton will be joining them?

(C) Manchester City
­ ­Reading
? West Ham
? Birmingham
? Blackpool
? Cardiff
League 1
Sheffield Wednesday
? Sheffield United
? MK Dons
? Huddersfield
? Stevenage
League 2
? Torquay
? Cheltenham
? Crewe
Conference Premier
? Wrexham
? Mansfield
? York
? Luton 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Adieu notre ami

One of the finest men to don the Green/White/Black/Orange/Yellow shirt announced his retirement yesterday.  David Friio's mate has enjoyed his testimonial year and promotion to player/coach, but has now hung up his keeper's gloves on the upright.  Good bye Romain Larrieu.

Le keeper made a total of 317 appearances for the Greens (and only 3 other players every to have played for PAFC can boast higher) over 11 and a half years service, and was always considered number 1 between the sticks - even when younger keepers such as McCormick, Stack, Cole were regularly picked first.  Larrieu's gentlemanly stance made him a firm favourite and he was appointed club captain and had a song dedicated to him ('We all dream of a team of Larry-Os').  Ro publically played out his battle with  testicular cancer whilst at the club - not once but twice - and has been a faithful servant though the ups and downs, thick and thin.  Although Romain will no longer feature on the pitch as player, it is hoped that he will be able to continue in his role as coach.  We shall see.  But for now, for all your work between the stick.

Adieu, merci beaucoup et bonne chance.

...All Over...It is Now

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 2 Cheltenham Town

And so the season ends with the flourish of a tortoise fart, namely two loses.  Oh well it only really sums up how god awful 11/12 has been for Argyle and thank Christ that's over.  The last two games of the season meant nothing since survival was assured, apart from pride at stake, and the results could be interpreted that Argyle don't even have that especially as once again an ex-player came back to Home Park and was allowed to piss all over the place - scoring the first goal and setting up the second.   However its now time to breathe a huge sigh and take a rest from all the bitterness, infighting, stress and depression the last few years have been.  We're stuck with Fletcher for next season and whatever team we can cobble together to make 'professional', the outlook is not that rosy in stark terms.  But instead rather than worry let's enjoy England losing at the Euros, and the Summer Games, see what Brent has in store for his football club and try and start next season as a united Green Army.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Out with a Whimper

Morecambe 2 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

Rather than going out of the season - which is now secure in League 2 - with a bang, it seems that a whimper is more on the cards.  Fletcher took the chance of a no stress game to get his new young keeper on the pitch, Chenoweth, and leave Wotton out to avoid suspension.  After a lively start the Greens (or rather Whites) could have been a few goals ahead but by half time were cruising 0-1.  Unfortunately the second half started to turn out as one of those performances that the Green Army have got so used to - Argyle lost shape and the balls started to go stray.  It was left to Morecambe to get the equaliser and eventually take the lead before Purse managed to head in a ball parried from their keeper.  All in all it had a party over feeling rather than a party on that was hoped for.

Comings and Goings

Last week we started to see who found be celebrating and weeping as the season ends, with a few clubs crowned champions or relegated.  However, following this week the picture of who will be playing who next season has become more clear.

­ ­Reading
? West Ham
? Birmingham
? Blackpool
? Cardiff
League 1
­ Charlton
? Sheffield Wednesday
? Sheffield United
? MK Dons
? Huddersfield
? Stevenage
League 2
­ Swindon
­ Shrewsbury
? Crawley
? Torquay
? Cheltenham
? Crewe

There's still a lot in it for some clubs, though Argyle will be playing Exeter next season in league 2, it still remains to be seen if Torquay will be there too.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

All Over Bar the Shouting

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 1 Oxford United

Not quite the 3 points wanted but the draw means Argyle have secured their place in the football league for another season. As the champagne corks get swept up and the Green Army breathes a huge sigh of relief, it's not really the aim that the beginning of the season had - to spend most of the time on the brink of going out of the league and to pull of the great escape. Such a ftought season of emotions running very high as we stared at the very real possibility of Argyle dropping into oblivion. There are 2 games left to go, but are academic now that survival has been won. There is a lot of work to do before next season, to even contemplate Argyle being any force to be reckoned with again, but with the close scrape avoided it's time for positivity that a new start will hopefully bring.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

End of Season

There will be no season tickets at Argyle for 12/13 season, instead the board are introducing new 'Join the Club' membership statuses instead.


Access to all home league games and priority ticketing for home cup games
Replica Shirt*
Match-day Programme
Argyle Player for a year
Invites to regular club events (6 per season)
Pre-match e-mail
One free room-hire
15% discount in the Argyle Superstore
10% discount at Akkeron Hotels and Saltrock clothing
(*or retail item(s) to the equivalent value)

Full price: £425
Concessionary price: £325


Tickets for all home league games and priority ticketing for home cup games
Argyle Player - one month free
Invites to regular club events (6 per season)
Pre-match e-mail
One free room-hire
15% discount in the Argyle Superstore
10% discount at Akkeron Hotels and Saltrock clothing

Full price: £340
Concessionary price: £250


Tickets for 6 home league games and second priority ticketing for home cup games
Argyle Player - one month free
Invites to regular club events (6 per season)
Pre-match e-mail
10% discount in the Argyle Superstore
10% discount at Akkeron Hotels and Saltrock clothing

Full price: £100
Concessionary price: £75


Second priority for home cup matches
Invites to regular club events (6 per season)
Pre-match e-mail
10% discount in the Argyle Superstore

Price: £25
No concessionary price

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP (aged 17 or under before 18 August)

Tickets for all home league games and priority ticketing for home cup games
Pre-match e-mail
Junior Greens 'Meet the Players' Day
Signed birthday card
Free use of Home Park function room for birthday party
15% discount in the Argyle Superstore
10% discount at Saltrock clothing

Price: £60
No concessionary price

FAMILY+ (one adult GREEN+ and one child)

As per GREEN+

Price: £450

FAMILY (one adult GREEN and one child)

As per GREEN

Price: £375
Second adult at concessionary price
Extra children £30


CHILDREN AGED 5 AND UNDER (before 18 August)

Free admission with any adult member


5% discount on any membership

Existing season ticket holders have until 31 May to reclaim their seat.
Concessions include:
65+ (on August 18, 2012)
21 and under (on August 18, 2012)
Full-time student
Disabled (if non-ambulant, carer comes free)
Serving Armed Forces

More information

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Rocky Robins

Swindon Town 1 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

A little bit of rough on the road to survival as a chance for another 3 points, or at least 1, slipped by. But what are the chance against Swindon - top of the league and only lost 9 games all season and dropped 27 goals. Then again to have hung on so long and concede to a substitute at such a late time in the game is extra galling.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Shot to Pieces

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 0 Aldershot

3 whole points and a plumper cushionof 8 points above the relegation zone. Will this be the escape from oblivion? It's still not mathematically impossible to go down yet, but there is a glimmer of hope now as the season is rapidly coming to its end. It was a nail biting game and Argyle were their usual lacking performing selves - sitting back on a 1-0 margin as if there was no urgency, but as points gaining opportunities are getting fewer, the ones that can be picked up by hook or by crook are vital.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Not so Good Friday

Hereford United 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

3 points lost, just one to contend with. Especially as Hereford gifted Argyle the lead with an own goal but as usual the Greens couldn't hold on to the opportunity they had to pull further aqay from the drop zone. And even boosted Hereford's confidence with missing a penalty just before half time when Walton's kick smacked the upright and Chadwick unfortunately couldn't hit the spot in a 1-on-1. It was Argyle who were desperately looking for the final whistle following the equaliser and a lack of fire in the second half to end a disappointing draw for both teams.

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Great Escape?

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 0 Bradford City

The slow climb out of relegation continues as the Greens beat a very depleted Bradford side following their mass brawl at Crawley, resulting in a number of post match suspensions. Timing couldn't have been better for Argyle, who are clawing for every point necessary to avoid non league oblivion; and thankfully they grasped it. Although it wasn't all plain sailing as City came close a number of times, especially in an edgy final 15 minutes, and Argyle are still incapable of taking at least a 2-0 lead when presented with the chance, and riding their luck for most of the game. However, the thin cushion between the drop has thickened a little bit. For now.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Haven't we been Here Before?

So Brent is selling off land to an arms-length PAFC land owning company in order to raise money to develop the club and ground. Hasn't this been done before?

Point to Point

Northampton 0 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Boring result, but still just out of the relegation zone. Rather negative tactics kept the full 3 points out of Argyle's grasp and it took experience to actually make anything out of the game - with Wotton and Chadwick, and Wotton's free kick could have snatched a winner but tragically it came off the bar. Although the tactics did mean that Argyle effectively parked the bus on the pitch so that no goals were conceded, which was helpful on the goal difference. And a bit of a problem with Tsoumou, for what capacity was he signed, because in whatever it was, he's not really being used effectively enough.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Roving round the table

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 1 Bristol Rovers

A last gasp equaliser gives the Greens a vital point to lift them one more place up the league table. A fairly changed team took to the pitch on Tuesday night, but even so it wasn't great football as Purse and Walton struggled to find their allies, woeful passing and an ineffective midfield. Inevitably, Rovers took the lead and looked likely that Rovers would score a second with the bad performance of the Pilgrims, but thankfully it didn't happen and instead a huffy puffy equaliser finally emerged. There were flashes of 'football' during the game, but you'd have to admit that Wotton was sorely missed. But, a point won, which for the first time means that Argyle are out of the relegation zone by points instead of goal difference.

Monday, 19 March 2012


It's not very often that a football crowd will fall silent. What happened at White Hart Lane on Saturday was something extraordinary. To watch or listen to a Premier League ground full of supporters, players, officials, media and staff stop and be quiet was emotional.

Muamba has at latest been showing signs of improvement, but before the world on TV and radio, he was dead for six minutes. The footballing world were shocked and devastated that such a thing could happen out of the blue to such a young and fit man, and in front of so many people.

Much has been written in the press about Saturday, and emotions are still running high throughout the football across the world. And many have re-examined what it means to be a football supporter, and at the essence, a person. It can be difficult to remember that the people we watch week in and week out on the pitch, the people we praise and then give the foulest shit to the next are infallible people. A spirit of unity has engulfed the football league and premier league throughout the UK, and it's something that very seldom happens. Because at heart, we all know, weather we hate our rivals with passion that never abates, when the life of a person hangs in balance, it overcomes everything.

Get well soon.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Yo Yo Yoing

Rotherham 1 - 0 Plymouth Argyle
Plymouth Argyle 1 - 0 Shrewsbury Town

Up and down more than a whore's knickers. Get excited about a win and be out of the relegation zone, a following loss and back down again. Argyle a few weeks ago were 4th from bottom, having lost last week were back in the drop zone and are now again "safe" at 3rd from bottom. At the moment it's not that worth getting too excited about, but as the season gets closer to the end, such yo yoing is going to make a tense ending. But add on that not a few hours from Wotton scoring a trademark screamer goal, his first, and the only one of the game to collect the 3 points, Muamba was effectively lying dead on the pitch of White Hart Lane, it hit home among the eerily silent stadium to every fan there, watching or listening, that football is life and death. But not in the way that Bill Shankly intended it.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

12 Seconds

AFC Wimbledon 1 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

It's gonna be one of those end of seasons. With just around 2 months left, Argyle are managing to yo-yo in and out of the relegation zone on a near weekly basis. Following the last 3 inept games, who'd have thought that the Greens would pull off another win to pull them back up to 4th from bottom, let alone score a goal just 12 seconds after kick off. Though it was Bhasera that did it this time rather than Chadwick, but Chadders rather than being outdone scored the winner on 49 mins following the wombles' equaliser at the end of the first half. Although it was still not a perfect performance by the Pilgrims, as Wimbledon could easily have taken the lead after Argyle dozed off several times, though credit to those players who defused the dangerous situations. There are now a dozen or so teams hovering around that drop, and Argyle are more than likely going to end up in and out of the barrel several times before the end of the season. The Green Army's nails would be well and truly bitten by then.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Not even Vale can help

Port Vale seek to enter administration on Friday. Normally such an announcement would be welcomed by other clubs in the league purely on a points/league position basis. But unfortunately for Argyle, Vale are currently sat on 50 points, so even with a 10 point deduction from the FL, they still sit way above Argyle who are on only 29. Even if Vale get extra deducted for their second time in admin, they still wouldn't do the Greens any favours.

It's a Heartache

Plymouth 0 - 1 Gillingham

Well the euphoria never lasts long, especially after the clueless matches played since that great win that lifted the Greens out of the relegation zone. And you could not get more clueless that the loss against a 10 man team that dumped them right back in it. Managers fault? To go out at home with just one striker is too defensively minded, and not to be able to capitalise on a weakened team is criminal. There is still a few months of the season left, but really is Argyle do survive it will be some skin of the teeth miracle.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Missed Chances

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 0 Dagenham & Redbridge
Macclesfield 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

Instead of capitalising on the surprising 4-0 win which lifted the Greens 2 places out of the drop zone, the Green Army have had to settle for Argyle to slog out two draws which thankfully have not resulted in another drop, but have missed a good chance to get more points. Especially as Macclesfield was the rearranged postponed match. The Greens are only 1 point away from the drop, being saved by a slightly lower negative goal difference than Hereford and Dagenham. To not at least get something against the weaker teams in the division is very disappointing, but not being able to take your chances and finish mean when you could is worse.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Young McDonald Scores the Goals


Accrington Stanley 0 - 4 Plymouth Argyle

Who are they? As the advert went, and very nearly what people would be asking about Argyle. Which makes it even more poignant that the win lifted Argyle into its highest league position for a long while - 4th from bottom! A 6+ hour journey that was not in vain. Accrington rarely troubled the Greens in the first half though stepped up in the 2nd, but still not a great match by Argyle and the score defies that but who gives a shit, it's probably going to be one of the highlights of the season and celebrations should be ongoing all round.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Richer than Rangers

It's official, Argyle are richer than one of Scotlands top teams, and probably quite a few other English clubs too. Now Rangers have gone into administration, with Portsmouth not far behind for a second time, there could be many more soon to go to the wall. And Argyle have survived. But it could be time for the Green Army to show the support to others that they have shown us very soon.

Draw but Safe

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 0 Barnet

So it was a rather dull 0-0 draw that wasn't worth the agro from the missus about missing Valentines Day for to watch (oh come on you got 364 other days to show your love), but the point does mean that the Greens are - at least temporarily - safe from the relegation drop. But we have been here before. And let's not mention the crap referees we get in this league (any league?) that whose decision could have meant 3 points. Maybe. But not a single chance taken in 90 minutes, you can't go blaming the officials for not even trying. That's just 1 win in 8 now. Draws won't keep us up.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Snow Joking

Silly season is here with the British weather and games are cancelled by snow left right and centre. Being in league 2 only compounds things when clubs are unable to have the necessary infrastructure to keep games going. Seeing as we had the same situation as a country for the last 2 years, you might have thought we'd start learning something by now. But it did give everyone a day off to enjoy the other delights of the football league, from Spurs 5-0 snowplough of Newcastle, to the Liverpool-United furore over a missed handshake, Exeter losing (for all of, well, 2 minutes), and gives everyone a chance to debate who the next England manager should be - and if it's 'Arry, would he leave Tottenham?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The One and Only

game to go ahead to day in League 2 was

Plymouth Argyle 2 - 2 Southend United

Luggy was back to reek havoc on the club he once managed - twice. The least said of the second time the better. And he did 0-2 at half time following a dreadful first half. But a marvellous comeback equalised the score so both teams had to take a point. Unfortunately Fletcher's outlook is sometimes too defensive, notable by the long periods of high balls up to the front even when the opposition don't give the strikers any room, and the defence playing too deep. It wasn't till subs were made early second half that plan B was formed. Because plan A failed as soon as the early goal went in. A point was a battle, and a well fought battle; though the game going ahead does now mean every other team has a game in hand over Argyle.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Sun always shines on Home Park

If you read the Sun newspaper, you will know their current offer of two adult tickets for £19.50 to many matches in all leagues. If you fancy watching Argyle for under £20 for two people, you can choose from Argyle v Dagenham & Redbridge - February 25 or Argyle v Shrewsbury - March 17. Start collecting your tokens from 6 February.

Deadline Day Deals

On Deadline Day for the January Sales - sorry transfer window, Argyle have signed two strikers. 21 year old Alex MacDonald comes from Burnley, whilst Juvel Tsoumou comes from Preston. Tsoumou has been a regular in PNE's team this season and netted 4 times in 11 games and has international experience from Germany. Alex has played first team for Burnley this season but has spent a lot of time out on loan due to the Claret's string first XI. Although again they may not be the experienced strikers people were hoping for, Fletcher has at least added in an area that needs improvement within the constraints of the FA's salary limit.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

No Blessings from Pope

Port Vale 1 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

And so back where we belong. Didn't last long did it, a week out of trouble? But for all of 80 minutes until a well timed substitution netted the decider. Vale had a few good chances to put the game away before then as Aryle, who started spritely, reverted to hoofball form due to no threat up front and a lack of direction what to do. It was not an exciting game, but an opportunity missed to capitalise on the rare bit of luck that had Argyle out of the relegation zone for a brief glimpse of survival.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Minor Miracle

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 1 Crawley Town

The Argyle are no longer in a relegation position! A draw was enough to see the Greens pull out of the drop zone by one place as results from other games went the right way with Northampton and Dagenham losing. What an unexpected turn up! But let's not get carried away, Argyle had to wait the whole 90 minutes to get the equaliser - at least they didn't give up in a game with more dives that Tom Daley, fouls than dogs in Central Park, time wasting by a council worker and enough aerial football that the players should have borrowed cranes. The Midfield was not as good as last week and the defence played well, Wotton acted more like a captain that the team needs even though he wasn't the skipper and what could have been a penalty against in the dying moments not given. A bit of luck for once!

Monday, 16 January 2012

The GAS Board

So James Brent wants to set up a board with representatives from the Green Army. Who will these people be? We've already seen jealousy and loathing over what have been deemed 'superfans' throughout the administration, heaven forbid what the (un)lucky chosen ones will have to put up with.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Burtoned Up

Plymouth Argyle 2 - 1 Burton Albion

1-0, 1-1, 2-1; all thanks to Walton, who scored both goals to ensure that Argyle got the 3 points and a boost of confidence. Wotton retook to the pitch back in green, only to find himself upstaged by the new captain, who struck not only a goal, but also a penalty none the less with 60 seconds of the game left. Wotton did nearly get on the score sheet but missed by the nearest of margins, and the Greens could not sustain a clean sheet. However, things are looking up if the team can keep up the domination of the game, sustained good play, and good defence and stronger midfield that were shown in this game. What's more, it lifts Argyle back off the bottom by one place.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wottsy Returns

Another ex Argyle player has returned to Home Park as a new signing. This time former captain Paul 'bleeds green' Wotton has signed up alongside Nick Chadwick after being released by Yeovil. There's no denying that Wotton was always an Argyle lad at heart and was the most successful captain making 400+ appearances for the Green, scoring 63 goals over 17 years and saw two promotions. Wotton was released by Argyle 3 and a half years ago and joined Southampton, before going on loan to Oxford and ended at west country rivals Yeovil.

Wotton is now the second former player to have rejoined this January transfer window, with rumours flying round that following his sacking, Warnock could be heading this was form QPR, who else could be re-donning a green shirt? Bojan Djordic is another potential for one. Nalis? Buszaky? Ebanks-Blake? (getting carried away now)

Welcome back Paul.

Argyle have also extended Maxime Blanchard's loan to the end of the season subject to approval, and signed 20 year old Bristol City player Joe Lennox also subject to approval.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Crewe Cut

Crewe 3 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

Another defeat, another lost chance at climbing to safety. Though no one can really doubt the players' enthusiasm, coming back from 2-0 down, their raw inexperience cannot be ignored. Added that Hourihane received his second red card of the season, taking Argyle's red card tally to 10 - the worst in the league. Life in the Blue Square Premier is very much looming, as there are 63 points left to play for, and it is very unlikely that Argyle will pick up many of them. It is especially worrying that if Chadwick and Purse were playing together, the team's experience would have increased and play would have stabilised; to have to rely on one or two key players is very poor form, and unfortunately Fletcher does not have the nous enough to make what he has work. But what alternative is there?

Friday, 6 January 2012

Open Purse

To add to Nick Chadwick, Darren Purse has completed a permanent signing to Argyle. Purse has been on loan to the Pilgrims since November from Millwall.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

St Nick

It's a bit late for a visit by St Nicholas, however Argyle have received one in the resigning of Nick Chadwick. Chadders has returned to the Pilgrims 7 years after first signing for Argyle when he completed a free transfer from Stockport County following his loan period. Nick was released by Sturrock and joined Hereford after being a regular first XI player and hold the record for quickest goal by Plymouth - 11.83 seconds. Since November Chadwick has netted 3 times in 6 games, and has become a stalwart of stability in the team - noticeable when he left the Torquay game after 15 minutes following injury, meaning he'll be out of the squad for a while. Welcome back Nick.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Not a Good Start

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 2 Torquay United

What a difference 24 hours makes, the Greens went ended 2011 not at the bottom, but started it in their familiar position thanks to getting 2012 off to a bang with a loss. The defining moment when Chadwick went and the team fell apart being too lightweight. Such as shame that the form always hinges on one player - and Chadders being a loanee is just the latest in a long list. That said they did well to get a goal, and there was a never say die attitude, but a lack of finish and finesse.


Patient: Plymouth Argyle Fooball club

Doctor's notes: PAFC was first admitted as a failing patient, financial problems plagued the body and spread rapidly like cancer. The patient's former guardians mishandled its concerns and left - social services were informed. In March 2011 the patient's health deteriorated so much that it entered administration and began shutting down. Dr Guilfoyle was appointed to oversee the patient and called upon Dr Ridsdale to strip the patient's assets and prepare a leaner patient with fewer complications. The patient went through several periods of potential recovery, before regressing. Mr Brent finally gave the patient the injection it needed to enable it to at least remain alive, however the patient lost a lot of blood in its redundant staff, sponsors, players and management. A bandage of player/manager/coach was applied and some stability was reach, along with some temporary players which are maintaining pitch-side progress. The support of the patient's friends (the 'Green Army') has had a beneficial affect that medical science cannot explain.

Prognosis: The patient is still very ill, however no longer terminal. A long recovery is inevitable, and a decline in league status cannot be rules out. There are many complications that need to be addressed. Drs Ridsdale and Guilfoyle have stood down and the patient is now in the hands of interns , who whilst not having experience in such matters and are still learning its the best the FL can hope for.