Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sliding Doors

Every one has a Sliding Doors moment or two (or more!) in their lives, that's why Red Dwarf said we had parallel universes, but anyway the history of Argyle is characterised by so many Sliding Doors moment that that Tube train will probably break down at the next stop signal.
So many what ifs? over the Championship season.
What if Holloway had stayed?
What if Stapleton has gone for it?
What if Sturrock never came back?
What if Pulis never left?
What if Williamson wasn't sacked?
What if player a b c d e f g h i j k never got sold?
What if they never bought the ground?
What if there weren't as many what ifs?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Always the Bridesmaid

So Holloway has achieved his dream to manage in the Premier League, and with tinpot Blackpool too, a team with half a stadium and (until recently) crowds and money less than Argyle. There are still jilted lovers in the Green Army who call for the man's head on a silver platter for the way he treated the club; if he had stayed it could have been us. But he didn't. Whose ambition didn't match whose? Who (eventually) went up and who (eventually) went down? It took time, but the truthsayer's predictions came true and the family silver is still being sold off (though Ollie can take the blame for Buszacky, and did he really try that hard to stop it happening?). So the bridesmaid is now the bride who must be as chuffed as a badger in the mating season.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Dusty Bin

It's the sale of the century - own your own piece of the old cow field for just £40!. I've seen better clumps of grass on Dartmoor.

Quite Predictable Really

Jamie Mackie's the first out the door for relegation beleaguered Argyle, gone to QPR for an undisclosed - 500k - fee (and Exeter get a percentage of that). Certainly not surprising, certainly not going to be the last. Mackie is being derided by the Green Army on certain messageboards as being a poor player. But you can et your bottom dollar that with Warnock and a good squad behind him, the top scored 09/10 with 9 to his name, will be banging them in left right and centre for someone else. Such is the Argyle way.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Exciting Times

You may be able to poke your enthusiasm with a wet flannel but there are changes afoot at Argyle that should get the brain, if not the heart, racing.

New Pitch

The new pitch is going in at Home Park right this minute. A sore needed improvement to the playing surface has been apparent for who can remember how long. Though it may not be ready till a few weeks after the season has started. Oops

New Manager

There should be a new manager incumbent at Home Park soon (imminently?), well certainly by the start of pre-season. Hopefully. Who will it be? Will be be the right guy who is able to raise the Titanic and put the 5 year plan back on track? Will he be given enough investment? Who knows?

New Investment


New Match Day Announcer

Fitz has gone - want to have a go yourself? Applications on the back of a post card please.

New Shirt

End of May (allegedly) (if you want it) (if you can afford it)

New old rivalries

Exeter, Yeovil, Rovers. Lovely. (for the TCE)

New cheerleaders with very low cut tops, big boobs and no pants

Well people can have a dream?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Crudgie In

So keeper coach Crudgington has been given the role as Chief Scout. A man who has presided over, for the most time, two keepers who have shown little improvement in the flaws. And a man who coached a keeper who was kept out of the team by a loanee (who had his faults but fought hard to change those). A Chief Scout is supposed to have an eye for potential, an ear to the ground and eyes everywhere. At the moment I severely doubt Geoff's abilities in these areas. Is this a sign of thrifty savings from the club?

Mariner Out

After persisting so long with Sturrock long after it was proved to be in vain, Argyle brought in 'head coach' Mariner to see out the season (and turn it around (with no success)). The title 'head coach' has been leading up to the point in time now when Argyle are seeking a new manager. A manager who will be able to, not only ensure at least survival, if not success, in the League One, but put the Greens back on the road to the 5 year plan aspiration.

Mariner and Carver really haven't set the footballing world alight, aside from a slight upturn in fortunes over the festive period, so to rely on them to take us into League One would not be the best plan, thus a permanent manager is a good way to go. Yet he has to have the right backing and finances to do so. That remains to be see.

Which also beings me on to Crudgie.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

We've gone down

Don't give a shit
We're going back to the Chamiopnship.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Beautiful, Argyle

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 2 Peterbrough United

Oh fantastic, round of applause, I admire everyone's stoicism in the face of regelations, the work effort against the bottom team, a fantastic way to go out of the season on a hight, show em what you were made of.

Like fuck!! What a shambles and fucking waste of time. Well that sums up the season really, a steaming pile of manure that shows that the Greens are pathetic no hopers. I don't really want to go off on one again, but this sums up the shite that has been fed Argyle supports since promotion into the Championship. Bouncebackability? Sinkinglikeastoneability.