Monday, 29 September 2008

Oi! Dorset, give us our Flag back!

This September, the people of Dorset voted for a new county flag:

Dorset County Flag

Cunningly though they've changed some of the colours so we wouldn't notice.
Bloody cheek really .

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Plymouth Argyle 1 (Fallon 41) - 0 Nottingham Forest

90 odd minutes, one sending off and one dismissed penalty later Argyle had continued their winning streak by defeating Nottingham Forest at home - the first home win of the season. The winning side at Palace and Watford was changed only by a shuffle of the bench with Noone taking Easter's place after he left for Millwall this week. However, it was Rory Fallon not Gallagher who struck home the only goal of the game nearing half time, but the scoreline could have been so different. Forest's best chance went wide by a few centimetres as Larrieu missed the save that was certain to go in only to be intercepted with centimetres to go. Forest has a number of chances in the second half that were thwarted by Larrieu as they lost all the control that had seen them victoriously enter half time, meaning they had to slog out the rest of the game, compounded by Mackie hitting the bar.

Luggy again left most of the managing to Summerfield and the mysterious man in the dugout - now identified as team coach Blackley. Apparently this is due to a dodgy tummy, yet he was as inanimate at Palace. Is Sturrock taking a more back seat to management then? But even so the game was scrappy, and thankfully Forest were not that good. But the first win at Home Park has put Argyle in the top half of the table (12th) and blown away the dark clouds that have gathered this season and Bristol City awaits on the horizon.

Buy 1 Get One Get Another Game Half Price

If you purchase 1 ticket for either of the home fixtures verses Preston North End (Tue 21 Oct) or Ipswich (Sat 25 Oct), you will be able to purchase a half price ticket for the other game.

Therefore purchasing 1 ticket for Preston will entitle you to half price entry to Ipswich and vice versa. A bit complicated, and who would really do it the other way round (ie plan to go to Ipswich game on a Saturday and suddenly decide to go to the Tuesday Preson game as well?) At least its a step in the right direction.

Offer News

Friday, 26 September 2008


Is the credit crunch hitting Argyle? Why does Luggy have to sell players before he can buy any more? How small was our budget this summer? OK, the club broke their signing record with twice with MacLean and Walton (who has so quickly fallen out of favour and looks more like a folly and a waste of money) but £500,000 and £750,000 respectively in the world of football is not that much money. And then there's bench warmer Mpenza rumoured to be on £10,000 a week. Are these players just sticking plasters brought in to heal the board-supporter-manager relationship that was in tatters over the last 6 months, and are already ready to be shipped out in January after not featuring in games and thus won't be seen as great losses? When the day comes that football does finally implode then maybe Argyle will stand tall above those clubs who have gone to the wall, but will that really happen? Until the time comes when every club tightens its belt and footballers are earning minimum wage, Argyle will always be seen as a tight club.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Funny, but Come On

Argyle's latest PR campaign is to produce a poster for each home game which is downloadable from the official website for supporters to print.

The Nottingham Forest effort:


Which admittedly is quite funny, but come sweetie darling, on what sort of PR is this? A few posters are going to encourage the missing thousands? Even Eddie Monsoon could do better than that!

PG's Trips: Happy Days are Here Again

Crystal Palace 1 (McCarthy 85) - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Gallagher 28, 56)
Saturday 20 September
Selhurst Park

The Match

So our troubles have finally gone, the Greens are back and on the way up. At least away from home. Even so there are still a number of concerning points - like the "Argyle disease" of taking and defending corners - they can't do it. Simple. And this leads to a very tense finish to the games. Something that is so unnecessary.

In a reversal of recent events it was the Palace home crowd who left early and booed their team off the field. What a difference a week makes. Sturrock, aided and abetted strangely with Stapleton from the dugout, didn't make any changes to the winning team from Watford and paid dividend again. Though it does beg the question of what were the point of the making those million-pound signings and not playing them. A bit of a drain in resources. We've already been told that Sturrock has to sell to balance the books - so speculate that they'll be right out the door again in January. What a waste of time. And not to mention the speculation of the primadonna behaviour of the dressing room of these big egos. There's a lot we don't know and it doesn't help when fans speculate.

The Greens were placed under quite heavy pressure by the Eagles and Romain was challenged a fair few times but fortunately Palace were unable to find the net until the 85th minute when McCarthy was unchallenged in a poorly defended corner. At the other end of the pitch Gallagher provided the two winning goals in clean style. So what of the home form this Saturday? The optimistic fans have berated the fair-weathers for their pessimism and unbelief in King Luggy recently, but with Argyle you can never take anything for granted.

The Ground

Likable. The away 'end' is the end of the Arthur Waite stand which flanks one half of the pitch opposite the dugouts. It's a stand of many levels. The turnstiles are straight off the road onto an open concourse from which you are led down into the refreshment concourse and out into the seats. The front third are plastic bucket seats and the top remaining are older wooden seats. Get the wrong seat and you have a limited view - either cause the sun's too bright or the roof's too low or the pillar's too wide. The gents toilets are down some steps again and although large contain cubicles you have to fight your way out of - pick the wrong one and you're stuck until someone shoulders the door in for you! The refreshments have been 'motorway serviced' with a selection of outlets - the Express Cafe selling burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks with a very very small bar, Wimpy doing slightly more expensive burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks with no bar and The Pie Shop doing very expensive pies and pies.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Everything's going to be Alright

Everything's going to be ok. Hurrah! The Greens are going up! Vive la green wave!

Watford 1 (O'Toole 82) - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Duguid 30, Summerfield 70 pen)

Well we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief because Sturrock got out his broom, brushed aside 7 deadwood players and swept in a new regime leading to the first win of the season. Get out the flags and prepare the champagne for promotion.

Following his hard words on Saturday Sturrock made 7 changes to the squad namely Stack, MacLean, Walton, Easter, Puncheon, Barker and Folly out and Larrieu, Cathcart, Summerfield, Paterson, Fallon, Clark and Mackie in. Players who did not fit in with Sturrock's vision or attitude have been hoicked out and have to earn their way back. And it worked ... for now. There are still 6 months of the season to go and though it might have worked on a Tuesday night in Watford, doesn't mean it'll work again. But credit where it's due, he took a huge gamble and it paid off. But if his new signings and big monet players are to be left out and off loaded, then what was the point of signing them and wasting the money to start with?

To all accounts and purposes, Argyle played neat and tidily with the new line up and for once deserved a win with their two goals (nearly 3) coming from Duguid struck the ball off Fallon's wrong-facing pass. The second came courtesy of a penalty taken by Summerfield off a handball. Watford's consolation goal coming from bungled corner defending. Still something to work on. There's no love lost between the two sides.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Out of Ideas

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 2 Norwich City

Hurrah a new wave of optimism swept through the Green Army after the recent signings and we were well on the road to recovery. Until 15.00 today. When Surrock ran out of ideas.

The lack of fitness of the new signings was made public but people didn't notice that none of the 'new wave' would be playing for much of today's game. So Luggy chose a player who has no intention of ever wearing a green shirt again to be the main strike force. To all intents and purposes the game was worse than the Swansea match - and that takes some beating. Nothing went well and Norwich should have won by 6 clear goals, add to that the Greens were playing with just 10 men following Timar's dismissal for two bookings.

What exactly happened over the last 2 weeks in training? Because it certainly didn't seem like much on the field, many players not even knowing who their team mates in green were. And Sturrock did nothing. It's as if he has no clue what to do to remedy the situation. Some people are calling for his sacking, and to be fair if he was any other manager the situation would be worse. Sturrock is lucky that he is still seen by many as Argyle's Saviour. But for how much longer? 2 games, once the new signings have played? Christmas, when the team has formed properly? Or on relegation? That's the trouble - some have unshakable belief in things coming good, others don't. Who will have the last laugh? One things for sure. Neither will back down.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Yellow Peril

Don't park your car at Home Park!

Or else you risk a £70 fine, your car towed and 3 points on your licence.

Did you know that there's a 5 minute waiting time limit at Home Park? No? Neither did I. But apparently there is, and the police are out in force to patrol it.

Therefore only use a marked parking space from now on.


Information Diarrhoea

After what seems like years of silence from Home Park the new initiative meeting last night released a huge bout of information diarrhoea from Paul Stapleton. In a nutshell, he spoke about:

The Redevelopment of the South Stand
Due to start in 2010 with the new planning application due to go in front of the planning department next year in collusion with a commercial partner. The 10.9 acre site could include 10 pin bowling, indoor tennis courts, conferencing and events facilities and retailing. (

The Argyle Foundation
The new look youth development, named the Argyle Foundation, will see 2,500 (special season ticket holders) pay £117 a year to invest in youth development. In return for the £117 investors will be entered into prize draws with prizes of up to £10,000. (

The Japanese Connection
Is due to turn up investment and players next year once their season finishes. The club is in daily contact with K&K and has viewed various DVDs of players. (

In addition, Harpers Park training ground is to be redeveloped in the near future.

So there we have it, a scheme to get more money out of already paying supporters to fund (almost individually!) youth players (but with the chance to win one of our fabulous prizes - cuddly toy?); a possibility that phase 2 (oops, Redevelopment of the South Stand because it doesn't include the corners) dependant upon various other developments and it getting through planning and past the Friends of Central Park's campaign to stop the Life Centre and any development in Central Park; and we maybe getting some Japanese players.

I can see why some people are jumping for joy, letting off fireworks and parading to Home Park on Saturday. I can see why some can't really get excited.

But at least for once, we know something

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

It's Not Our Fault Guv'nor

Paul Stapleton has released a statement today ahead of the "new initiative" tomorrow explaining the delicate balancing act he and the board have had to face over the last year. He states that since 2006 the club have spent £3.8 million on players and that the succession of record signings are evidence that the club lived up to the promise of 'having a go' at reaching the Premier League. Receipts from players totaled £5.4 million, but the excess has had to go to shoring up the falling gate numbers.

So there you have it - there is no money. It's all gone on players and various other unnamed expenditure blamed on the falling gate numbers. So perhaps you could technically say that it fans didn't stay away then there wouldn't need to be any balancing to do. It's all your fault really.


Saturday, 6 September 2008

One in One Out

Argyle operating a night club policy of one out one in?

Apparently because we've now 'over spent' by bringing in new players, old players will have to leave to balance the books. Why? Again it begs the question of what happened to the money from January and summer? How can there be a shortfall in the books?

Argyle to Axe Players

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Last Minute (.com)

The transfer window slammed shut today with Argyle sneaking in a signing just before someone's fingers got trapped in the form of Emile Mpenza. Former Manchester City striker has joined the Greens on a one year contract after making 25 appearances last season in which he scored 5 goals. He also has 17 international games and 54 caps to his name.

The signing has been welcomed with flags and a palm-leaved highway by many of the Green Army as Mpenza should obviously boost the strike force of the squad, maybe it's just desperation after such a poor summer that a player of (perceived) quality has joined the team. Likewise the signing has gone far to placate concerns over the lack of goals and recent poor performances. Maybe though it's unfair to heap so many hopes onto one player and all eyes will now be on the next league game verses Norwich as week on Saturday.


Mpenza Pens Deal

Monday, 1 September 2008

New Loanees

As the (slightly extended) transfer window slams firmly shut until January, Argyle have brought in some last minute loanees namely Paul Gallagher and Nicolas Marin.

24 year old Gallagher is on a season long loan from Blackburn Rovers and made his debut verses Burnley (and got his first booking to boot) and likewise French midfielder Marin has come from the first division Sedan.

Anything to help build up such a weak squad is welcomed.

Ooh, What Could it Be?

A new initiative from Argyle to be announced on the 10th and 11th September, by invite only to green members.

At Least it wasn't a Loss

Burnley 0 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

A crucial game which might have decided the direction Argyle were taking this season ended in a no score-draw against fellow relegation zone 10 men Burnley. At least it wasn't a loss, ending the 70 odd years of losing at Turf Moor. But on the other hand it wasn't a win yet and there hasn't been a (recognised) goal for 3 games.

Sturrock's fetish for chopping and changing the team continued as same-day loanee, Gallagher, was included straight away in the squad, almost rivalling the 12:10 signing for last-minuteness. In all accounts it was a better performance from the Greens, though it could hardly get worse than the Swansea game, but even so they couldn't get a goal against a 10-man Burnley. But a point is a point, even if it does nothing much to the league table. Now there's another 2 weeks off before the next league game for some magic to happen.

So glad I didn't make the trip north anyway.