Thursday, 11 September 2008

Information Diarrhoea

After what seems like years of silence from Home Park the new initiative meeting last night released a huge bout of information diarrhoea from Paul Stapleton. In a nutshell, he spoke about:

The Redevelopment of the South Stand
Due to start in 2010 with the new planning application due to go in front of the planning department next year in collusion with a commercial partner. The 10.9 acre site could include 10 pin bowling, indoor tennis courts, conferencing and events facilities and retailing. (

The Argyle Foundation
The new look youth development, named the Argyle Foundation, will see 2,500 (special season ticket holders) pay £117 a year to invest in youth development. In return for the £117 investors will be entered into prize draws with prizes of up to £10,000. (

The Japanese Connection
Is due to turn up investment and players next year once their season finishes. The club is in daily contact with K&K and has viewed various DVDs of players. (

In addition, Harpers Park training ground is to be redeveloped in the near future.

So there we have it, a scheme to get more money out of already paying supporters to fund (almost individually!) youth players (but with the chance to win one of our fabulous prizes - cuddly toy?); a possibility that phase 2 (oops, Redevelopment of the South Stand because it doesn't include the corners) dependant upon various other developments and it getting through planning and past the Friends of Central Park's campaign to stop the Life Centre and any development in Central Park; and we maybe getting some Japanese players.

I can see why some people are jumping for joy, letting off fireworks and parading to Home Park on Saturday. I can see why some can't really get excited.

But at least for once, we know something

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