Friday, 25 June 2010

Reiding Between the Lines

After weeks of speculation and silence, Peter Reid has been appointed Argyle manager this week. Reid has been handed the helmsmanship and will be leaving his assistant manager role with ex manager, Tony Pulis, at Stoke who has given his full commendation for the man.

Reid began his managerial career at Manchester City before moving to Sunderland after his dismissal (with a year back as a player with Southamption). He was let go by Black Cats after 8 years, when he joined Leeds from where he has since managed Coventry and Thailand before becoming Pulis' right hand man. This leaves a question mark still over the heads of Mariner and Carver, though as Reid doesn't appear to have his own yes men, they may be kept on.

So now, just a few weeks before pre-season, which is very limited this year due to the pitch - the big profile home game has already been cancelled - and only Truro and Saltash, as well as the Netherlands games, have been announced. Reid has a lot to do over the next few weeks to turn anything around.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

All Fixed

The League fixtures have now been released for next season.

Kicking off away at Southampton on 7 August, with the final away game being Exeter 30 April.
We are away over Christmas to Orient on the 18th and Bournemouth on Boxing Day, with Exeter home on the 11th, Notts County on the 28th and Yeovil on the 1st January. Whilst over Easter we play host to MK Dons on Bank Holiday Monday.
The longest away trips to Carlisle and Hartlepool are on Saturday 2 April and Saturday 2 October, while they make the trip on Saturday 14th August.
There is a distinct lack of Tuesday night away trips, which is a bonus, including just Swindon on 28 September and Yeovil on 1 February.

All in all not a bad list, certainly the lack of midweek away games plays in Argyle's favour especially for fans.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Coming to a ground near you soon?

With the overwhelming popularity of the vuvuzela in South Africa, but derided on TV by those still at home, the instrument is selling like hot cakes back in the UK. The FL and PL state that there is nothing to stop fans bringing them into British stadia and expect them to be appearing soon.

The controversial instrument has divided fans during the World Cup, and looks set to do the same come the new season. As much as drums, flags, face paints and singing divide fans at Argyle, could the horns be making regular appearances at Argyle matches come August? I hope not, but then Argyle fans cannot keep any atmosphere going for more than 5 minutes without a moan. On the other hand all the hot air could be put to use for once. Personally I hate them, they're not even a good score in Scrabble. Except on a triple word score.

Fixing the Dates

The dates for various fixtures of the new season will start to be released soon.

First off the line is the 1st Round of the League Cup, verses Notts County at home week beginning 9th August (assuming the pitch is ready). Usually Argyle do crap in the League Cup, and considering for the past few years there's been a bye into the next round which we;ve then dropped out of, going back to the start does bode any better.

Tomorrow will see the release of the League fixtures, which starts on 7th August.

The pre-season timetable will hopefully come out very very soon! Except for the already known about Truro away on 10th July.

But the Johnstone Paint Trophy will not be drawn until August.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Argyle will not be releasing any details of friendlies (except those that have slipped out via other sources) until a new manager is appointed. So, possibly no pre-season this year then?

Friday, 11 June 2010

Big Brother

is always watching you, but as the World Cup has now kicked off (along with some social experiment involving 14 people and an Orwellian controller), fewer people will be watching the goings on, or rather lack of them, at Home Park. A bit more breathing space for the New World board. Until England get out.

Monday, 7 June 2010

One Step Out of Time

Plymouth is the end of the world and things happen slower here than everywhere else, apparently. No wonder the new kit virtually gets made the day of pre season. So it's no wonder that Peterborough got their manager soon after season's end, and Argyle are still groping around. None the less, they may be getting rid of the ones they have, with Carver linked to return back to Newcastle. Carver was appointed to assist Head Coach Mariner when he 'took over' from Sturrock following his 'promotion to the back room', on contract till 2012 as he was tempted to leave to go to Burnley. So, with no apparent manager on the horizon, Mariner still in limbo land, a goalkeeper who coaches himself, and a chief scout who has not been mentioned in the signing of Patterson, the Greens are set to let go one of the very few management staff at the club. Maybe it's saving money.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ooh Ahh Just a Little Bit

In the absence of a manager, there has been a new signing, Northern Irish international Rory Patterson. The 25 year old has been described as a prolific striker in NI's Premier League, notable Coleraine last season, bagging 41 goals. Head Coach Mariner has praised his net finding abilities and signed him on a two year deal, joining N'Gala who signed in May. But players are only going to be as good as the team and support around them - what does that consist of at the moment?

It's good that Argyle are still able to carry on doing little bits, but there has been (as usual) a serious lack of shipping out and buying in, mainly hampered by the vacant post at the head of the team. Pre-season, this time with a tour to The Netherlands is fast approaching in a months time, and the deadline of two weeks even quicker. Does anyone want the poison chalice?

Thursday, 3 June 2010

No Hopers, Jokers or Rogues

So Argyle have adopted the Fishermen's Friends' song No Hopers, Jokers or Rogues as 'offical club song'. Well there could not really be a more apt song for the incumbents of Home Park's board, management and players really.