Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ooh Ahh Just a Little Bit

In the absence of a manager, there has been a new signing, Northern Irish international Rory Patterson. The 25 year old has been described as a prolific striker in NI's Premier League, notable Coleraine last season, bagging 41 goals. Head Coach Mariner has praised his net finding abilities and signed him on a two year deal, joining N'Gala who signed in May. But players are only going to be as good as the team and support around them - what does that consist of at the moment?

It's good that Argyle are still able to carry on doing little bits, but there has been (as usual) a serious lack of shipping out and buying in, mainly hampered by the vacant post at the head of the team. Pre-season, this time with a tour to The Netherlands is fast approaching in a months time, and the deadline of two weeks even quicker. Does anyone want the poison chalice?

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