Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just a Little bit of History Repeating

Swindon Town 2 - 3 Plymouth Argyle

Rewind the clock to 2003 and we have a near identical situation at the County Ground. Although it was again looking decidedly dodgy if it weren't for the 7 minutes of added time, Wright-Philips wouldn't have got the 90+6 minute winner.
The boys are starting to play a more decent form of football, though there is still a long way to go yet, as witnessed by the Town's goals which knocked the Greens out of their stride, the reversion to typical Argyle hoofball and the long wait for the winning goal. However there were 14 shots on goal and 9 were on target, which is a good indicator of how the team were playing. Will they be able to continue on, or will they flop against Hartlepool like they did against Brighton?
But even so, the Greens have given the Green Army something to smile about this week, which eclipses the negative aspects of the match and takes Argyle a few more steps away from the relegation zone.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Making a Point

Rochdale 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

A semi-decent performance on the road up north, but only a point because the Greens couldn't see out the whole 90 minutes game as they lost their way in the second half. But still it's better than no points. The papers say that based on that performance both sets of fans are in for an enjoyably interesting season, well it certainly hasn't been enjoyable so far. What is evident is that the team are a work in progress, but what you don't really have in football is time.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


A throw away reference by a mate (see Gary) that was quite inspired but lost on most of the people around. Argyle have literally become a joke to many. From the lack of ambition that goes back decades, to the poor performances, bad signings and selling off of the good ones. Why does every player that signs for Argyle turn inept at their job, and as soon as they're sold receive the Midas touch? How many ex-Argyle players are now banging in the goals for their new clubs, and even worse how many of them have been against the Greens?

The complete lack of being able to string together any sort of consistency has seen gates yo-yo in what has become predictable of good performance on a low gate - gates rise for the next game, Argyle get stuffed - only this time round the good performances are only flashes in the pan. Plymothians have never been given any reason to be proud of its football club. They came close in the Holloway era but were hesitant. And proven right. Even now if they do turn up, the ticketing situation has become a shambles if you are to read the football forums, and they can't even get in!

The club is systematically being pulled apart on and off the pitch - there is no team effort from players, management or supporters alike. But then again, has much actually really changed?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Hit and Miss

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 2 Brighton and Hove Albion

Well that didn't last long did it? As usual. Normal service has been resumed at Home Park.
How can the same team that produced a win and good play just 3 days earlier go out on to the same pitch and play like complete wassocks? But then again this is an all to familiar routine that any of the Green Army should by now be familiar with, and will probably spell another run of bad results.
Reid is obviously incapable of doing anything worthwhile with the squad we have at the moment, and we're once again in the same situation of manager v squad ("Give him time", "Oops it's too late now") caused by Sturrock part II's destructive forces. Will Reid eventually come good with the team, will he leave, are we doomed to death with a bunch of inadequate players for years to come, will someone eventually sign our shite to another club? There are too many possibilities that in the short term are not helping the club's situation. Because we all know that it's the results (and money) that matter.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hot Sweet Tea

Plymouth Argyle 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

For all the Green Army who are suffering from shock following a HOME win. With just 10 men too! The Greens were drawing 1-1 at half time, and N'Gala was dismissed deep into stoppage time of the first half, so on the face of it things were not looking too good, but who would have thought that 2 more goals would come out of the green shirts (never mind the Owl's other one)? Especially as Wright-Phillips came right after the second half kick off.

Reid has made 5 changes to the first XI from that of the Colchester game with Fletcher, Wright-Philips and Noone recalled - all 3 of whom scored the goals! It's amazing what a but of positivity can do to everyone, as Home Park was rocking come 5pm yesterday and there is a bit more optimism around this morning. Is this the beginning?

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Plymouth still set to be ship shape

Although fans of Plymouth Argyle have had to endure a poor start to the season on the pitch, executive director Keith Todd has pledged to continue to do his best to secure the club's future by furthering plans to construct their new £50 million stadium.
England are by no means guaranteed to win the fierce bidding war to host the 2018 World Cup, but Plymouth are aware that they will need to be able to find a viable way to secure their future.

However, with majority shareholder Yasuaki Kagami yet to attend a game, Plymouth fans know that their side needs to improve on the field if they are to have a chance of long-term success off it.

Despite being a Championship side last season, Plymouth have failed to start the season in anything like promotion form, even though they managed to lure Peter Reid away from the relative comfort zone of a role at Stoke.

Even though they have not yet demonstrated a level of beautiful football this season worthy of grabbing the headlines, fans will be aware that Peter Reid is a man who will be looking to put results ahead of style while his players attempt to undo the damage that relegation from the Championship inflicted. The Betfair Football tips suggest they could continue to struggle.

Should Reid be successful on the pitch, projects such as the new stadium will be far simpler for the club to achieve, with the added financial bonus that promotion will bring to the side. However, should they fail in their short-term quest, their new stadium may well find itself with far too many empty seats for the owner's liking, especially if England fail to win the right to hold the 2018 World Cup.

Meanwhile, the Portsmouth betting tips suggest they could follow Plymouth down to League One.

The side were relegated from the Premier League last year and their financial problems mean they are unable to compete in the Championship.

How clean is your House?

With the high profile cases of football clubs in finanical dire straits at the moment, how well are Argyle, once championed as a well run club doing? The initial start is Todd's stataement of desire to become a debt free club, and when coupled by the well publicised debts of the last few years, are Argyle sliding down the slippery slope to Portsmouth, Cardiff, Wednesday, Charlton etc. The continued selling off of the family silver year on year to keep the club afloat certainly due in part to declining gate numbers and foolhardy signings that cannot be severed, and who knows what else behind the scenes (World Cup Bid?). The failure to finish the ground or buy in decent players are blatant symptoms that have disenfranchised the Green Army. Add in the loss of TV and advertising revenue due to relegation and you have a very big mess. Just how well, or badly, are Argyle doing?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Todd Hailer

Executive Director, Keith Todd has been grilled in an interview by Vital website today. Among the fluff the he has said the following:

- Todd got involved in Argyle cos he's been a fan since the age of 9
- The financial situation was totally underestimated
- It is not feasible to have an 'ordinary fan' on the board due to issues of confidentiality
- There are no plans for new directors
- Phase 1 of Phase 2 of the ground rebuild is planned to start next year, the rest dependant upon the World Cup bid
- Argyle is not known in Japan and the K&K link has not been exploited
- The ultimate aim is a debt free club

So really, not much more than what is known already by the majority of fans.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Kicking the First Team up the Arse

Colchester United 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

What a shambles of a first half that saw the Greens well and truely at rock bottom - of the League One table. From a team that was looking to challenge for a bounceback promotion to one that looked due a double drop. Until half time. Who knows what Peter Reid said to the team in the dressing room but the second half was better - mind you it would have been hard to be worse - that finally saw an equaliser and a lift away from the drop zone. Though it still leaves the, to quote Fitz, 'best in the West' the worst in the west. And Molyneux got sent off - again. He's only played a handful of games and he's a liability. The team need a right royal kick up the arse, though where to start is a problem as there is so much wrong with the whole club set up at the moment. The Green Army have found other things to do with their time and money, as many have seen it's just history repeating itself, whether they were stallwarts for the glory hunters of the 90s/00s. A long hard hill to climb has only just begun but there is so little traction that one step forward means ten steps back.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Fall From Grace

In the run up to the match today, where frankly anything could happen, such is the predictability,
Argyle are sitting in 21st place in the relegation zone. Just 3 years ago around when Holloway left they were 4th in the Championship. Such a big drop. Although by this time in that season Argyle had only won 1 and drawn 3, this season they have won 1, drawn 1, lost 2. Only 2 points difference. So what has gone wrong to see the (temporary?) Mighty Greens become the feeble greens?

In all truthfulness it is probably a combination of lots of things - investment, signings, management choices, team spirit. But the rot has taken over and the infection spread farther than ever before. At the moment the World Cup bid is a placebo that is attempting to be a sticking plaster that may work miracles, but it's a big gamble. Landing on your ass in the mud as you fall down the leagues is never pleasant, and you can't even claim £250 from You've Been Framed to prop up your books.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Can Peter Reid help Plymouth improve on their inconsistent start?

Having enjoyed a mixed start to the season, Plymouth Argyle fans will be hoping that experienced manager Peter Reid will be able to get his side up and running quickly as they look to secure an immediate return to the Championship.

Despite starting the season in fine style, defeating promotion hopefuls Southampton on the opening day, Plymouth have since failed to register a single win this season. However, with Peter Reid's impressive level of experience, which includes a spell managing Sunderland in the Premier League, many Pilgrims fans will be hoping to see the team complete a turnaround in fortunes in order to compete with Betfair Football betting promotion favourites Southampton and Sheffield Wednesday.

However, with the Pilgrims still ranked as relative outsiders to be involved in the fight for a playoff spot, the idea that they can achieve a run of form that would see them compete for an automatic promotion place seems somewhat outlandish to say the least.

With the Pilgrims facing a tough tie against Sheffield Wednesday in the next few weeks, many fans will use the result of this fixture as a benchmark against which to judge where their side can finish come the end of the season. Should they fail to achieve at least a draw in the match, it is likely that Peter Reid will be expected to look at reinforcing his squad with the addition of loan players from top Premier League and Championship sides.

If he fails to achieve at least the sense that the club can move onwards and upwards towards better things sooner rather than later, Peter Reid may find himself enjoying only a single season with the Pilgrims.

Meanwhile, the Portsmouth betting suggests they could be slipping down to League One next season.

The south-coast club have been unable to bring in any new players and they have a wafer-thin squad.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Due to future possible allocation restrictions, Argyle have advised supporters to keep the stubs from their away tickets in case they are required for future fixtures.

Argyle have implemented such a scheme in the past as an add on to the existing priority scheme where allocation has been limited (such as Portsmouth in the Cup). It is fairly certain that the prospect of Exeter City at the end of the season is one match that this is in contention for. Nothing is set in stone yet, but heads up in case.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Let's go Painting

Away at Cheltenham in the JPT to be played on Tuesday 5th / Wednesday 6th October.

Have a Break

The Greens are on international break today, meaning a postponement of the Brighton and Hove match (till Tuesday 21 September). Probably the only "big" thing that they've done in League One so far.

The transfer deadline passed a few days ago, and a last minute deal saw the addition of Stephane Zubar to the squad. The 23 year old French defender who plays full/centre back impressed Reid during pre-season against QPR and signed following international clearance. Although Stephane come into some what of a fragile squad at the moment.

The opening few games of the season haven't really set the footballing world alight, even counting the win verses Portsmouth B. The 'Argyle norm' has infected another season. That 'typical Argyle' play that affects anyone who pulls on a green shirt no matter who makes up the first XI and that no manager has seemed to eradicate in spite of however many loan players are added. Additionally going the other way very few players have left, leaving bloated pay packets hanging around the club doing bugger all but drain the coffers. At a time when there are numerous rumours that staff are not getting paid.

And there's a disgruntled movement afoot towards the board for their failures to take steps to reverse the decline of the end of the 'Stapleton years'. The World Cup bid is being viewed as a distraction and money maker at the expense of the day to day running of a football club. A distraction that is hinged on 2 decisions and could make or break the club. Or do both at the same time.

Of the three teams that were relegated to L1 last season, two are currently at the top of the table, whilst the other lingers down the bottom and dropping further by the game. It doesn't really take a genius to work out who's who. And why.