Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Promotion or the Push

There's talk that if Luggy is not given the push, he should be promoted "upstairs" to a higher role at Home Park. but I'd like to ask - to what exactly?

Luggy has not proved himself in managing this club so far on the pitch, so what exactly could he do if he went "upstairs"? It has already been very strongly rumoured that the previous board's relationship with Luggy soured the 3 previous incumbents of the managerial role (namely Williamson, Pulis and Holloway), in so far as Luggy was kept in the loop regarding all that was happening at the club and undermining the managers' position. So if Luggy was still at the club doing whatever he was doing - and it can only be to do with the players, coaching etc - what will the new manager get out of the situation?

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

And the Messiah does it Again

Peterborough United 1 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

How does he do it? How can he have so many lives? Many times Sturrock has come within a gnat's whisker of decapitation and he pulls off a win. So it's all alright again! Sturrock is the man to turn it around, starting with the win tonight. Let there be no more talk of sacking of the Greatest Manager who Ever Lived, for Luggy is most certainly the one to lead us to the promised land.

One problem. Everyone else won too, so there's no change in league position.

But he's safe for a few more games. Wonderful.

CORRECTION: Sheffield United got a very last minute equaliser verses Ipswich to end the match 3-3, meaning Argyle and Ipswich swap places.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Well Done Sturrock

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Nottingham Forest

For pissing all over the event and giving the 14,000 who turned up (free or otherwise) a reason to come back. For taking the shine of the launch of the World Cup bid. For equalling the worst run of defeats since 1963. A performance of woeful proportions as usual: some flair shown by some players, a missed sitter, a defensive howler causing the winning goal, 11 men wandering round looking lost for 90 minutes. Not good enough.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


So, so far this season the crowds at Home Park have been dwindling yet we can take 2,500 to Newcastle. At the beginning of the season lower prices were announced by the board and the gates have hardly been flooded with Plymouth public stampeding to get in. Even with the introduction of Football Specials (which, have actually been well received aside from the teething problems). Though if the crowds were to increase there'd be no room, so luckily they haven't.

However, now the Great Sky Giveaway has happened and tomorrow's game verses Nottingham Forest will be screened in front of a full (ish) stadium and who knows how many at home. All because the club gave away as many FREE tickets as it could. Thus, to those in the know it follows that people are have not turned up because the ticket prices are still far too high so there will be a review of ticket prices. Again. Now there has to be some strange logic somewhere in the disorder that is the Argyle support. Because it stands to reason that if people will only come if it is free then why should they want to come no matter what price the ticket is unless it cost £0.00?

Does this only mean that people feel that the Argyle product is not worth spending anything on? Maybe there's a consolation that at least they can give it away.

Monday, 21 September 2009

I Do Believe in Sturrock

I do, I do, I do believe in Sturrock, I do, I do...

As Peter Pan managed to bring Tinkerbell back from the dead maybe the combined might of the Green Army will reanimate the genius Messiah.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

4 Ingredients to Success

Have a look at Kevin Ross' pictures on Greens on Screen for the Newcastle game (Picture 36). According to Newcastle the 4 ingredients to success are:

Justify the Shirt

Which of those 4 do Argyle possess?

When will it Go Right

Newcastle United 3 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

It's very easy to be sat behind a keyboard - sometimes anonymously - and shout the odds at Sturrock et al, but when you see it in the flesh it's not all as it seems. The long old poke ended today with a stay over in Sheffield, and because the M1 was closed a tour of some northern grounds on the way home. There is clearly something there - we are not as bad at the league table suggests though we are shit and we know we are (TM The Toon Army). Sturrock, Crudgie, Blackley et al are doing something extremely wrong when the same mistakes are happening game in game out and it hasn't improved in 2 years. Yet it is the same old story. Argyle could never the Same Old Argyle if it wasn't for the recurring flaws that blight every manager. Maybe it is the age old green is bad luck adage?

To be fair we were really expecting that much from the last three games? The glimmer of hope that Blackpool beat the Toon this week probably raised expectations beyond it being a jolly good day out. The next game is verses Forest at home in front of the cameras. This is traditionally bad omen for the Greens as a televised match usually ends in a loss.

As for Sturrock, well we are stuck with him for the duration, no amount of protest will really do any use. Luggy probably knows that he is a very lucky man to still be in charge. Derren Brown states that the combined willpower of people will result in something tangible. Now do we will the team to a win or "Sturrock out"?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Friday, 18 September 2009

Pie In the Sky

Does anyone actually truly believe that Plymouth could ever become a World Cup host city? Listening to BBC Radio Devon at the insurmountable evidence stacking up against winning in as much as:
- we have crap transport links, the nearest airports that can accept 747s and motorway are an hour away?
- we have no crowds, if the league games attract 8,000 fans, what more will a low-key match attract?
- what will we do with a 40,000 seater folly in the middle of Plymouth with 8.000 people rattleing round in it? Probably much less when we get relegated
- who from Bristol and beyond would travel all the way down to Plymouth for a game when it'll be quicker to go to London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Portsmouth...?

Is it all a waste of time and just something to placate the Pilgrims supporters into believing the newbies are thinking big?

Supporters' Club Meeting

Far from calling for the head of Luggy on a silver platter, by avoiding as far as possible a potential bun fight, the metting last night attended by about 180 people took a look at some of the more finer points about PAFC.

1. The 2018 World Cup bid
The official bid launch will be at the Forest game when Sky are in attendance, apparently the FA officials were surprised that Plymouth was more than its Dockyard. The plan is for the "FanFest" to bve held on the Hoe, and PAFC to benefit from new training facilities, along with a multipurpose stadium for use by the Raiders.

All the righ noises were being made it seems, a far cry from the interview on BBC Bristol which saw the city pooh-poohed and considered out of the running against Bristol and Portsmouth.

2. Train Travel

First Great Western and PAFC hope to partner up to offer a special £3.00 Cornwall-Plymouth ticket for matches

Another excellent initiative for the support that is vital from over the boarder, now that the football specials are attempting to gather up the Green Army in the city. Perhaps they could look in the northerly and easterly directiion too?

3. Catering at Home Park

Is franchised out and thus the prices are beyond PAFC's control, however the beer tent in the grandstand is run by PAFC and have undercut Lyndley's Catering by a significant amount causing bad feeling.


4. Season Ticket holders/Tickets

Upon reaching the Premier League might get a free one! The senior citizen age limit should be reduced from 65 to 60 and there will be a new £48 DJM team ticket which will allow entry for a whole junior football team, along with an increase in free tickets to school children from 160 to 500.

Hahahahahah, be waiting a long time for that free ticket then.

5. Players

It is hoped inthe long run that Japanses players will be brought over and that current players who dissent in the ranks deserve all they get and Luggy knows best how to deal with it.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


West Bromwich Albion 3 - 1 Plymouth Argyle
Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Watford

Plunge to the bottom, propping up the table. Deja Vue of last season just before Luggy the Great pulled off the run of wins to placate the support. The start results of the table (2 points from 7 games) are hard to swallow in their starkness, yet the performances of the losses from the players are better than they have been for some time, but the opposition have been better. Murphy's Law is at play and it'll take something big like a win at Newcastle to break the cycle. Should Luggy go? Sturrock and the fans will have to sweat it out and see. But what's for sure is that his second tenure at the club has brought it to its knees. Sturrock has become bigger than the club itself and to be frank, there's no where he could go professionally - even if he did go 'upstairs' there's a lot of bad blood around and what he could actually do up there? For a successor no one who could realistically take over - Coppell? Tisdale? Jewell? The management of the Greens is a poison chalice, even a fire fighter who can ensure survival will be criticised (ie Pulis). It is not an attractive outlook.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Vocal Minority

Too many people think that they know how to run PAFC better than anyone else, and unfortunately they are the ones who shout loudest.

Back at the end of last season there was a meeting for supporters about match day entertainment. Those that attended were very scathng in their views and the meeting agreed to turn the volume down,; have no music played for around ten minutes before the teams emerge, allowing fans to build atmosphere; make sure that Semper Fidelis is played in full; keep post-goal music, but to vary it; David Fitzgerald being assisted by Johnny Hore in interviewing guest players; have presentations to take place in centre-circle; teams emerging for second half to Chelsea Dagger, Great Escape, Johnny Comes Marching Home - not Semper.

Only 30 people turned up for the meeting, but their wishes were taken into account. So far, the reaction of those who claim not to have known or didn't bother to go or any other excuse (forum), (forum),(forum) has being scathing too, mainly along the lines of "what the hell were they thinking?" in spite of that's what people had been calling for for the whole of last season. Well the board listened, it failed so are now convening another meeting. No excuses this time.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bobby Williamson

A very unfortunate man. A man who was appointed manager in April 2004 and fired in September 2005 after a poor run of results. A man who had had less chances than the present incumbent to prove himself was thrown out (he had a 34% success rate). And yet he who must not be derided(wuith a 31% success rate) is still here despite only just saving us from relegation (a job well done say some, a stroke of luck thanks to the other clubs say others) and now having only won 4 times at home since last Boxing Day. Why?