Friday, 10 July 2009

Plymouth Prices

Matchday ticket prices have seen a shake up yesterday when Argyle announced that the £2.00 surcharge for pay on the pay has been scrapped and the Mayflower Unreserved Seating prices have fallen by £7.00.

Grandstand, Devonport, Lyndhurst, Barn Park
Adult - £24
Over 65 and under 23 - £16
Under 18 - £7

Mayflower Terracing
Adult - £15
Over 65 and under 23 - £12
Under 18 - £5

Many people have bemoaned and cited ticket prices as a reason why the crowds won't turn up, now's the chance to test that theory with prices that no longer discriminate the last minute people, are on a par or lower than other clubs and include cut-price opition for those on a tighter budget.

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