Monday, 13 July 2009

5 Year Deal

Fancy signing up to Argyle for 5 years?

Well if you do you can now earn up to 25% off the cost over those 5 years with the new cumulative "New World Season Ticket" incentive scheme.

How it works is thus: Purchasing a season ticket for the 2009/10 season will give you 5% discount off the 2010/11 season tickets, which then gives you 10% discount on the 2011/12 season tickets and so on for 5 years, where by 2014/15 you will get 25% off (only on green season tickets).

So Argyle have come up with a scheme to encourage return supporters, and whilst this is rewarding those who already have a season ticket (along with the other incentives they receive), and are more than likely buy again, it does little to attract the new people to buy in the first place. The only thing that will encourage them is good performances on the pitch. And whether that is forthcoming remains to be seen.

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