Sunday, 19 July 2009

Preseason: Torquay and Skelmersdale

Torquay United 3 - 3 Plymouth Argyle (Fallon, Sawyer, Summerfield)
Skelmersdale United 0 - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Fallon, Paterson)

Is there a cause for concern already for next season in what we are seeing in pre-season? The reason being that the opposition are very critical of how the Greens are playing at the moment, even if they are getting the wins. With the exception of the Torquay match, every game so far has been a win. Though you must wonder why a Championship team can only hold out for a draw against a Blue Square when Bristol Rovers (league 1) can beat then 4-1.

For the Gulls game Sturrock appears to have played his near-first XI, with a couple of exceptions (Saxton in goal again, and some half time swaps) and likewise for Skelmersdale a selection from his forst choices (with Larrieu and Wright-Philips). But even so the Skel fans are not impressed by the 'so called Championship club's' performance, though it's very interesting to see that fans' un-favourites are baggibg the pre-season goals, though possibly the 'stroll in the park' style of play could be helping.

Sturrock still has a lot of work to do on the squad, not least trying to offload those he hates to any Tom, Dick or Harry who'll come in for them with an offer of a mint polo and a cheeky smile, but so far even that hasn't happened. The markerting of disgraced players who are constantly talked down in the press, banished from games, left out of training and left behind on the tour is pathetic and quite frankly so Argyle. If other clubs have managed to offload their trash (mainly to the Pilgrims!) and to big up their fallen stars (Barton for example) then it's surely not beyond possibility.

The Scotland tour is now under way with some doubt still cast over the game verses Livingstone.