Thursday, 2 July 2009

Took Over

Following Paul Stapleton's resignation as chairman today, Argyle have announced that Sir Roy Gardener will be his successor following him obtaining 13% of the club's shares.

The former Manchester United chairman, who left in 2005, took over the helm from Stapleton today and already has plans to aim towards top flight football and increase the budget for players, something Pilgrims fans have been longing to hear. Stapleton has stepped down to vice chairman, and he, Gardener, Dennerly, Wrathall and Todd, and Synan (who represents the 38% for K&K) will now be in charge of the Greens and marks the end of the takeover.

So far it has all been positive and with the influence of a football man, not least someone from the biggest club in the world, can hopefully only mean good for the beleaguered Argyle, now it's up to the new board to deliver on their words.

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