Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fans ReUnited

Plymouth Argyle 2 - 0 Macclesfield Town

So what was it? The change of management leading to a change of football style, the additional fans that turned up or just the odds? Argyle won! The Fans ReUnited day saw supporters of a myriad of clubs attend Home Park, not just those from Brighton who pumped the atmosphere right up, but Wednesday, Bristol, Torquay, Norwich, even Falkirk! ...and many more. And what's more it worked wonders on the pitch. With Ridsdale due to stand down as chairman cos he's no longer in the running for Director of Football following the collapse of the BIL bid, maybe, just maybe, things are going to start turning good.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Les Caretakeurs

Fletcher and Larrieu have been named caretaker manager and assistant respectively. Not much surprise there really. In the cold light of day - and yes I have mentioned this before - as Argyle weren't getting the results, any other manager would have been sacked if it weren't for the distractions off pitch. So Reid's sackings should not really come as a shock. Even if there were exceptional circumstances. However what are Fletch and Ro gonna do with this squad, and what is the new man going to do whilst he is still in the same situation as Reid with no money? Is this another turning point?

Bonne chance!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Argyle of Old

Southend United 2 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Again nu-Argyle get stuffed by the old Argyle. Not content with having an ex manager (who saw over part of the demise of the club) but two ex Argyle players scored the goals - including one who signed for a matter of days during this mess and buggered off due to non payment of wages. To top it call the skipper gets sent off for scraping with the opposition, in yet another match with saw the Greens down to the bones of their ass.

Ultimately though this has proved to be Reid downfall and was his last as manager of PAFC.

Reid Out

Following the new record of successive defeats, acting chairman Ridsdale has dismissed Peter Reid from his role as manager of PAFC. Ridsdale has cited that football is a results business and Argyle have not performed. However, considering that Reid had to work with what else could he really have done? Especially as he hasn't been paid either, sold his medal to raise funds and paid the heating bill! It now begs the question of who the hell would want to come down here for nothing to work with nothing? A fucked up decision by Ridsdale.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Who Now?

So more bids are coming in to takeover PAFC after Heaney allegedly has walked away from the club due to his claimed FA indecision. Some of these bidders have even wildly been claimed to be friends of Michael Jackson/Uri Geller! Even Jesus wouldn't take an interest in Argyle. But why are there suddenly more people hovering round - do the jackals smell a cadaver?

Same old Story Again

Barnet 2 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Not much to say really following yet another defeat, nothing's changed and nothing will because until Argyle is secured off pitch, the on pitch performance will not improve. There is no money and no security to buy and retain players to form any sort of team that can compete, even at this level. In fact, considering Argyle are adrift at the wrong end of the table over the drop out of the league, many would Argyle fans prefer relegation to extinction.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Welcome to 3 Points

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 2 Port Vale

Argyle just don't - and never have had - the skills and aptitude to be in the league they're are in. When in the Championship, the team were mainly L1 players, when relegated to L1 the team's ability fell to L2 level, and now in L2 we're playing at Conference ability. And that's where Argyle will end up, because there is now no hard-done by feeling at a loss, just a resignation that they won't score and that's that then. The players are playing their hearts out, but they're heads aren't in it. Until something is sorted off the field, every Saturday is just going through the motions. And those motions are giving the opposition 3 points of a plate every game.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fans ReUnited

24/09 Home Park

Protest day in conjunction with Brighton and Hove Albion

More details from TwoHundredPercent

Can the Green Army make a difference?

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Wage of a Football Club

Statement from P&AP re the strike/payment of staff:

Statement from The P&A Partnership re Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration)

The joint administrators of Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration) have confirmed that all staff (both players and other employees) have today (2 September 2011) been paid 40 per cent of their September wages on the basis of an agreement that they will continue to work up to and including 15 September 2011.

The money has been paid direct into their bank accounts today.

The P&A Partnership would like to stress that legal formalities are taking longer than anticipated to complete.

However, Bishop International Ltd and Plymouth (125) Limited have both stated that they remain confident that they will be able to conclude the transaction shortly.

Why has it taken a threat of a strike by players for this to happen? Where has the money suddenly come from? Twohundredpercent have written yet another excellent article about the situation. All round the players have caused high profile publicity for the club that hopefully could work to resolving the situation much sooner.

Gone for a Burton

Burton Albion 2 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

In the end the players did not go ahead with their strike following the paying of 40% of the staff's wages, though there was a bigger crowd of press at the game following the national exposure. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, they witnessed the fruits of the Argyle situation. Reid has admitted there is a lack of fire power in the squad, but there is very little he can do about it except work with who he has got, though they made a concerted effort. Goals win games and the Pilgrims' squad, as it stands, simply cannot come up with enough of them and they remain 4 points adrift at the bottom of the football ladder.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Going for a Burton

So the players who proposed the strike have gone to Burton, on the understanding that they and the staff with receive 40% of their wages for September by the end of yesterday. It therefore remains to be seen whether that assurance has been proved and thus the players do actually run out on the pitch. At the moment Guilfoyle has gone AWOL having taken a break due to exhaustion, Heany is blaming the Football League for the delays, and the FL are, well, who knows? But now the plight of Argyle has reached national attention, people have started to reach the end of their tethers. Unfortunately, there is still no end in sight.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Everybody Out

Argyle's plight finally reached national attention when Sky Sports News, having run out of anything of interest to do with the Premier League/Deadline Day, got whiff of the possibility of a players' strike. Fletcher and Larrieu and the other senior team members are deciding whether to cut their losses and strike tomorrow instead of playing against Burton, and along with Reid gave a lengthy press conferance at Marjon where the squad train. Spokesman Fletcher, backed by Reid, have declared that enough is enough and the players cannot go on after yet another month of no wages and 'hollow promises' from the administrator and bidders, and quite frankly who can blame them when living of nothing but savings for 3/4 of the year?