Sunday, 27 April 2008

Out at Home with a Bang

Plymouth Argyle 3 (Easter 4, Fallon, 25, Fallon 55) - 0 Blackpool

When it mattered Argyle couldn't win for toffee, but now the pressure's off, wham a 3-0 victory. One of life's mysteries.

The last home game of the season was busy because of the traditional end of season party which includes the player of the season awards (McCormick 3rd, Halmosi 2nd, Timar 1st), and lap of appreciation, but also saying goodbye to 4 Argyle stalwarts Hodges, Nalis, Connolly and Wotton.

In spite of stating that none of the leavers would play, Sturrock chose Hodges to be on the bench - maybe he had run out of ideas - in a much changes team from last Saturday, although Hodges only made a late substitution. The change played dividend as Easter bagged an early goal, which funnily enough did not come too early as Sturrock had stated in an earlier match. Thankfully this time Fallon followed up with two headed goals to secure the win as Argyle didn't capitulate to a Blackpool come back. Sturrock used the game to give Dan Smith his debut who looked swift in his short appearance.

The win does nothing but ensure that Argyle remain 10th in the table, 1 place higher than last season. A loss at Wolves next Sunday will mean that if Burnley win Argyle will drop to 11th equalising last season's finish. Which technically does not match the club's new 'onward and upward' mantra or show progress. However in light of the turbulent season can we really argue?

Saturday, 26 April 2008

You've been Tango'd

The new away kit has been revealed on the Argyle Superstore website:

Available to preorder from today (26 April) or purchase from 3 May

Argyle Superstore

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Three and Out

It has been announced that the following players are likely to be leaving Argyle this summer:
Paul Wotton
Nick Chadwick
Lee Hodges
Lillian Nalis
Paul Connolly
Gygory Sandor
Reuban Reid
Jake Moult

Apart from Nalis and Connolly none of them have seen regular football this season (with the exception of Wotton, who is just returning). It is speculated that Kristian Timar and Peter Halmosi will look to leave too and Marcel Seip is on the transfer list.

The official site decribes the moves as an "Exodus", which suggests that there will be further exits this summer, and let's face it, no one will be surprised. The biggest shock will be Paul Wotton, who has been a Pilgrim for his whole career, seen 2 promotions and captained the team in recent years. Though it is not Wotton who is terminating his spell at Home Park but Sturrock who will not be renewing his contract.

We'll see what the summer brings.

Sun sets on Nalis
Connolly Moves On
Green Legend [Wotton]
Wotton leads Argyle Exodus
Chadwick's Record Legacy

Monday, 21 April 2008

It is Now

Plymouth Argyle 2 (Mackie 12, Wotton 75 pen) - 2 Preston North End (Mellor 78, Chaplow 90)

Well that's it the season is well and truely over, no glimmer of hope left all snuffed out. It looks like once again I chose a good game to miss.

And it started so well with a 1-0 lead being increased to 2-0 by a Wotton penalty, by which time, as local radio are stating, Argyle took their eye off the goal and eased off the gas, allowing North End to score twice in the dying moments of the game. Especially as their first goal can as usual immediately following our goal. What a farce. Would people be complaining if we'd won - hell no! But yet again a "must win" game decends into a debacle. Which translates into a perceived lack of longing to even try.

The rest of the season amounts to accruing enough points to finish 10th or higher.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Plymouth Argyle have entered an agreement with K&K Shonan Management Corporation to negotiate commercial agreements in Japan, Asia, North America and Oceana with the aim of increasing marketing abroad. As a result K&K have bought a 20% share in PAFC and PAFC have appointed Mt Yasuaki Kagami as a director.

Hopefully this adventure will help in raising Argyle's profile globally as well as bring in some new money.

Official site statement

No Wheels on My Wagon

Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Spurr 80) - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Halmosi 1)

Well it looks like I chose a good time to go away for a bit and be in a place where no pub was showing the game (yes, the world does end outside of the Premier League) but for 80 minutes the mood was light as the Argyle fans (who out numbered any Chelsea or Wigan supporters 7:1 and still the TV remained on Setanta Sports) gathered round the mobile phone updates over a pint or five.

Unfortunately we scored to early (according to Sturrock) which must be the lamest ever excuse. It apparently changed the whole game as Argyle decided to sit deep and defend the next 89 minutes allowing the Owls to gather momentum towards the inevitably well deserved equaliser. If the goal changed the game, why did Sturrock wait till the dying minutes to make substitutions and change the game?

Well the only certain thing is that there is no hope for the playoffs any more, and that there is still the possibility that Argyle will not progress on last season. There are 3 more games left in a season that is most probably over for already for many supporters.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Please leave a message after the tone


Season Tickets

The prices for next year's season tickets have been announced:



Adult £399, Over 65 £265, Under 23 £238, Under 18 £80

Adult £305, Over 65 £246, Under 23 £184, Under 18 £53

Herald Family Section
1 Adult & 1 Under 18 £440, 2 Adults & 2 Under 18s £880

That's an increase of £21 for an adult season ticket (91p per game), and probably going to be hard for some to swallow as cost is one of the main factors cited for low crowds, coupled with the poor performances recently.

Full price ticket prices have not yet been released

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Mickey Evans's Testimonial Match

Tuesday 29 April, 19.45 k/o

Team line ups:

Manager: Kevin Hodges

Martin Barlow
Jon Beswetherick (Salisbury City)
Joe Broad (Truro City)
Paul Connolly (Argyle)
Geoff Crudgington
Mickey Evans
Peter Gilbert (Sheffield W)
Phill Gill (Argyle director)
Martin Gritton (Macclesfield Town)
Mick Heathcote
Kevin Hodges
Lee Hodges (Argyle)
Romain Larrieu (Argyle)
Adrian Littlejohn
Nathan Lowndes (Chester City)
Claus Lundekvam
Lilian Nalis (Argyle)
Gordon Nisbet
Martin Phillips
Ian Stonebridge
Luke Summerfield (Argyle)
Craig Taylor
Paul Williams
Paul Wotton (Argyle)
Pat College (competition winner)

Manager: Paul Sturrock

Steve Adams (Torquay United)
Hasney Aljofree (Swindon Town)
Chris Billy (Osset Town)
Steve Castle
Graham Coughlan (Rotherham U)
Jason Dodd
Mathias Doumbe (Argyle)
Matthew Evans [Mickey's brother]
David Friio
Chris Leadbitter
Matt Le Tissier
Sean McCarthy
Luke McCormick (Argyle)
Brian McGlinchey
Ronnie Mauge
Andy Morrison
Kevin Nugent
Mark Patterson
Mark Saunders (Maidstone United)
Jon Sheffield
Blair Sturrock (Swindon Town)
Kevin Summerfield (Argyle coach)
Tommy Tynan
David Worrell (Dundee)
Shaun Jutson (competition winner)

Ticket Details available soon

Sunday, 6 April 2008

D (for Diabolical) Day

Plymouth Argyle 1 (Easter 60) - 2 Carlton Athletic (Lita 64, Lita 77)

Well it was D-Day (Sturrock, 2008) for Argyle and instead of successfully invading the Addiks' points, Argyle ended up being sunk with such benign ineffective performance that continued the recent bad run of games.

Sturrock made sweeping changes to the team, leaving Seip out altogether (Seip rumoured to have refused a place on the bench), but saw out an ineffective 11-man Argyle play a 10-man Carlton after their keeper got dismissed after just 5 minutes.

A ray of sunshine came when Easter scored to put Argyle ahead, but as is becoming common a few minutes later the equaliser came followed by the winning goal, with McCormick making hideous mistakes to allow both.

Saturday was meant to be the push for a promotion spot and Argyle bottled it, proving nothing but the fact that they're not good enough. Even the official site report has stated that the season is "over". Mathematically it is still just possible to sneak in, but in reality unless the other teams go in very very bad runs then finishing above 11th is all that Argyle can achieve this season.

And what is there to look forward to next season? A complete Home Park. No. Better players. Not likely with Sturrock scouting in the lower leagues.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Live and Kicking at Home Park

The summer concerts at Home Park have been announced today.
Appearing at the Theatre of Greens this July will be Meatloaf on 27 June, followed by Westlife the day after as part of "Live and Kicking at Home Park".

Ticket prices are: Golden Circle £65, Seating £45, Standing £35. And are available from 7 April from the Argyle Box Office (0845 338 7232) or Ticketmaster.

This is another coup for Argyle, following the extremely successful Elton John and George Michael concerts last summer, and is a great way for Argyle to attract revenue outside of the footballing season.

Thursday, 3 April 2008


As much as I deplore rating one supporter over another, Argyle are looking for nominations for thie year's "Superfan":

Details here

Wolves Tickets

Ticketing details for the away fixture at Wolverhampton. Hope you've been collecting your ticket stubs:

Release Dates
7 April : Green members with 6+ away ticket stubs
10 April : all Green members
14 April : White members with 6+ away ticket stubs
16 April : all White members
18 April : Pilgrim members with 6+ away ticket stubs
21 April : all Pilgrim members
23 April : general sale with 6+ away ticket stubs
25 April : general sale

Adult £27
Student £14
Over 65s £14
Under 17s £12
Under 12s £10

Official Coach Details
Adult member £19
Junior member £17
Adult £22
Junior £20
Coach departs 08.30

Box Office: 0854 338 7232

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Well, Who'd've Guessed It?

Next year's away kit, by popular demand (38%) will be Tangerine coloured.

Never saw that coming.

I much prefer the April Fool's Tartan Version

Official Site announcement