Sunday, 27 April 2008

Out at Home with a Bang

Plymouth Argyle 3 (Easter 4, Fallon, 25, Fallon 55) - 0 Blackpool

When it mattered Argyle couldn't win for toffee, but now the pressure's off, wham a 3-0 victory. One of life's mysteries.

The last home game of the season was busy because of the traditional end of season party which includes the player of the season awards (McCormick 3rd, Halmosi 2nd, Timar 1st), and lap of appreciation, but also saying goodbye to 4 Argyle stalwarts Hodges, Nalis, Connolly and Wotton.

In spite of stating that none of the leavers would play, Sturrock chose Hodges to be on the bench - maybe he had run out of ideas - in a much changes team from last Saturday, although Hodges only made a late substitution. The change played dividend as Easter bagged an early goal, which funnily enough did not come too early as Sturrock had stated in an earlier match. Thankfully this time Fallon followed up with two headed goals to secure the win as Argyle didn't capitulate to a Blackpool come back. Sturrock used the game to give Dan Smith his debut who looked swift in his short appearance.

The win does nothing but ensure that Argyle remain 10th in the table, 1 place higher than last season. A loss at Wolves next Sunday will mean that if Burnley win Argyle will drop to 11th equalising last season's finish. Which technically does not match the club's new 'onward and upward' mantra or show progress. However in light of the turbulent season can we really argue?

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Lord Hutton said...

Better mid table obscurity than down to the last game grief?