Wednesday, 16 April 2008

No Wheels on My Wagon

Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Spurr 80) - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Halmosi 1)

Well it looks like I chose a good time to go away for a bit and be in a place where no pub was showing the game (yes, the world does end outside of the Premier League) but for 80 minutes the mood was light as the Argyle fans (who out numbered any Chelsea or Wigan supporters 7:1 and still the TV remained on Setanta Sports) gathered round the mobile phone updates over a pint or five.

Unfortunately we scored to early (according to Sturrock) which must be the lamest ever excuse. It apparently changed the whole game as Argyle decided to sit deep and defend the next 89 minutes allowing the Owls to gather momentum towards the inevitably well deserved equaliser. If the goal changed the game, why did Sturrock wait till the dying minutes to make substitutions and change the game?

Well the only certain thing is that there is no hope for the playoffs any more, and that there is still the possibility that Argyle will not progress on last season. There are 3 more games left in a season that is most probably over for already for many supporters.

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