Thursday, 24 April 2008

Three and Out

It has been announced that the following players are likely to be leaving Argyle this summer:
Paul Wotton
Nick Chadwick
Lee Hodges
Lillian Nalis
Paul Connolly
Gygory Sandor
Reuban Reid
Jake Moult

Apart from Nalis and Connolly none of them have seen regular football this season (with the exception of Wotton, who is just returning). It is speculated that Kristian Timar and Peter Halmosi will look to leave too and Marcel Seip is on the transfer list.

The official site decribes the moves as an "Exodus", which suggests that there will be further exits this summer, and let's face it, no one will be surprised. The biggest shock will be Paul Wotton, who has been a Pilgrim for his whole career, seen 2 promotions and captained the team in recent years. Though it is not Wotton who is terminating his spell at Home Park but Sturrock who will not be renewing his contract.

We'll see what the summer brings.

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Lord Hutton said...

Lili was good for us. Football is just making (or not) money these days. No such thing as a team of local boys making good. I hope all the owners choke