Monday, 21 April 2008

It is Now

Plymouth Argyle 2 (Mackie 12, Wotton 75 pen) - 2 Preston North End (Mellor 78, Chaplow 90)

Well that's it the season is well and truely over, no glimmer of hope left all snuffed out. It looks like once again I chose a good game to miss.

And it started so well with a 1-0 lead being increased to 2-0 by a Wotton penalty, by which time, as local radio are stating, Argyle took their eye off the goal and eased off the gas, allowing North End to score twice in the dying moments of the game. Especially as their first goal can as usual immediately following our goal. What a farce. Would people be complaining if we'd won - hell no! But yet again a "must win" game decends into a debacle. Which translates into a perceived lack of longing to even try.

The rest of the season amounts to accruing enough points to finish 10th or higher.

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