Sunday, 29 November 2009

3rd Round Bore

The 3rd round FA Cup draw will see Argyle play Newcastle at home. Now a few years ago this would have been an attractive fixture, but seeing as the Toon are now in the Championship, we've played them once already at theirs and they're due to come down once already, I don't really see anything that exciting. Some say it'll increase the gate, but if people come to see Newcastle win in the Cup, why should they come and see them win in the league? Either way I don't see the revenue from what will no doubt be Argyle's only FA Cup game being anything to get worked up about. Mind you it'll be a fair 'ol poke for 'em won't it - twice!

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Plymouth Argyle 1 - 4 Barnsley [Match Abandoned]

There was a lot of urine around Home Park today - a piss poor performance that took the piss resulting in being 4-1 behind at half time followed by the match being abandoned because it was pissing it down.

Luggy had the biggest pardon ever in football history when the referee decided to abandon the game during the second half due to deteriorating conditions following a woeful performance that saw initially fairly good composure by the Greens and an Argyle goal followed by 35 minutes of sheer drivel that opened up defensive howler after howler and a team that fell apart at the seems resulting in 4 conceded goals. And so the early bath was a huge relief for all concerned.

The honeymoon period is well and truly over for the two Pauls and some very severe soul searching needs to happen.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pompey and Out

One of Plymouth's rival's for the 2018 World Cup bid, Portsmouth has dropped out of the running following Portsmouth Council's refusal to provide financial backing. This now leaves Plymouth in direct competition to Bristol in the South West region. One step closer to the biggest thing to happen to Plymouth/Westcountry since it was bombed in WWII.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Back in the Shit

Leicester City 1 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

A 90+ minute goal puts Argyle back in the relegation place following a game where there was hardly any shot on target for the Greens. A pathetic game that consisted of the game old tactics of trying to defend for a point and finally giving in and conceding, especially following the recent optimism. There was a good start to the managerial set up, maybe they just got this one wrong?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

A summary of Keith Todd's answers during his live chat (in the order answered without repeats):

- Paul Sturrock is very much in, with the improvements made by Paul Mariner and PS partnership, the board are very happy
- Season Ticket holders are not being sidelined by initiatives to increase crowds with lower prices, hence the New World Deal
- PS and PM are reassessing the current squad which is too big and players are very likely to leave with 1/2 new signings
- 5 year plan due in December, along with stadium plan which is not dependent upon results on the field. Phase 1 of Phase 2 will create a capacity of 27,000.
- No comment re Paul Maxwell
- The board are happy with the level of communication with fans
- Tony Campbell is working on partnership with First Great Western re discounted tickets from "upcountry"
- Work is in progress about live screening of PA matches
- Youth development is tied up in the 5 year plan
- There are contingency plans for relegation
- The board recognise that poor form is the reason for lower gates, though more initiatives to increase gates are due
- Aspirations to be in the Premier League within 5 years
- The sale of key players is not ruled out
- The board is happy with the stewarding at Home Park
- A new training ground is being looked into
- The board is interested in welcoming other sports to use Home Park
- The DJM have told the club that few games clash with Argyle

New World Question Time

Probably not the best time to have an online question time as most people will be at work, but Keith Todd is now online answering your questions.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Out of the Mire

Plymouth Argyle 2 - 1 Doncaster Rovers one place outside of the drop zone. Not much more to say really, not an A1 (or even D5) performance but the result was excellent and a good win. Hurrah!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Train now standing on Platform 1...

...will cost Argyle fans just £6.00 for a return every Saturday.

PAFC and First Great Western have teamed up to offer Cornish supporters discounted train travel on Saturdays between Penzance and Plymouth when travelling on the 11.00am departure from Penzance and returning on either the 5.29pm, 6.42pm, 8.39pm or 9.20pm departures from Plymouth. Tickets are purchasable from Penzance, St Erth, on the St Ives branch, Camborne, Redruth, Truro, Falmouth branch line, St Austell and Bodmin.

So, coupled with the free bus services (which can be caught from the railway station), the new board are certainly doing what they can to get the people into the ground, however the two biggest factors that have been quoted to me last week are 1. price and 2. the quality of the football that put people off.

Piss Off Seip?

Ex Argyle player, Seip has extended his loan at Blackpool and quite frankly for a vocal majority of Argyle fans the sooner he goes the better. Marcel has been seen as nothing but a bad influence in the dressing room, full of temper tantrums, fallings out and the cause of off the pitch shenanigans with his family and is now the most hated man at Home Park.

Does he deserve it though or is it all hear say?

Up the Boro

Middlesbrough 0 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

Well it's been a hectic weekend of travelling over most of the country and thus only just really got back home, including an epic 14+ hour round trip up the Boro. Did we really play 98 minutes of football? It seemed so much longer because when hanging on to a lead feels like every second is an eternity as sooner or later someone will muck up and it'll be game over. But it didn't happened. Well it nearly did but the penalty was missed and how much slower time passed after that! And what makes it better - it was their first match under their new manager, usually a time when the new broom has galvanised the players, though in their case he was sacked for falling crowds, not what was happening on the pitch. So figure that one out.