Sunday, 25 March 2012

Haven't we been Here Before?

So Brent is selling off land to an arms-length PAFC land owning company in order to raise money to develop the club and ground. Hasn't this been done before?

Point to Point

Northampton 0 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Boring result, but still just out of the relegation zone. Rather negative tactics kept the full 3 points out of Argyle's grasp and it took experience to actually make anything out of the game - with Wotton and Chadwick, and Wotton's free kick could have snatched a winner but tragically it came off the bar. Although the tactics did mean that Argyle effectively parked the bus on the pitch so that no goals were conceded, which was helpful on the goal difference. And a bit of a problem with Tsoumou, for what capacity was he signed, because in whatever it was, he's not really being used effectively enough.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Roving round the table

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 1 Bristol Rovers

A last gasp equaliser gives the Greens a vital point to lift them one more place up the league table. A fairly changed team took to the pitch on Tuesday night, but even so it wasn't great football as Purse and Walton struggled to find their allies, woeful passing and an ineffective midfield. Inevitably, Rovers took the lead and looked likely that Rovers would score a second with the bad performance of the Pilgrims, but thankfully it didn't happen and instead a huffy puffy equaliser finally emerged. There were flashes of 'football' during the game, but you'd have to admit that Wotton was sorely missed. But, a point won, which for the first time means that Argyle are out of the relegation zone by points instead of goal difference.

Monday, 19 March 2012


It's not very often that a football crowd will fall silent. What happened at White Hart Lane on Saturday was something extraordinary. To watch or listen to a Premier League ground full of supporters, players, officials, media and staff stop and be quiet was emotional.

Muamba has at latest been showing signs of improvement, but before the world on TV and radio, he was dead for six minutes. The footballing world were shocked and devastated that such a thing could happen out of the blue to such a young and fit man, and in front of so many people.

Much has been written in the press about Saturday, and emotions are still running high throughout the football across the world. And many have re-examined what it means to be a football supporter, and at the essence, a person. It can be difficult to remember that the people we watch week in and week out on the pitch, the people we praise and then give the foulest shit to the next are infallible people. A spirit of unity has engulfed the football league and premier league throughout the UK, and it's something that very seldom happens. Because at heart, we all know, weather we hate our rivals with passion that never abates, when the life of a person hangs in balance, it overcomes everything.

Get well soon.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Yo Yo Yoing

Rotherham 1 - 0 Plymouth Argyle
Plymouth Argyle 1 - 0 Shrewsbury Town

Up and down more than a whore's knickers. Get excited about a win and be out of the relegation zone, a following loss and back down again. Argyle a few weeks ago were 4th from bottom, having lost last week were back in the drop zone and are now again "safe" at 3rd from bottom. At the moment it's not that worth getting too excited about, but as the season gets closer to the end, such yo yoing is going to make a tense ending. But add on that not a few hours from Wotton scoring a trademark screamer goal, his first, and the only one of the game to collect the 3 points, Muamba was effectively lying dead on the pitch of White Hart Lane, it hit home among the eerily silent stadium to every fan there, watching or listening, that football is life and death. But not in the way that Bill Shankly intended it.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

12 Seconds

AFC Wimbledon 1 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

It's gonna be one of those end of seasons. With just around 2 months left, Argyle are managing to yo-yo in and out of the relegation zone on a near weekly basis. Following the last 3 inept games, who'd have thought that the Greens would pull off another win to pull them back up to 4th from bottom, let alone score a goal just 12 seconds after kick off. Though it was Bhasera that did it this time rather than Chadwick, but Chadders rather than being outdone scored the winner on 49 mins following the wombles' equaliser at the end of the first half. Although it was still not a perfect performance by the Pilgrims, as Wimbledon could easily have taken the lead after Argyle dozed off several times, though credit to those players who defused the dangerous situations. There are now a dozen or so teams hovering around that drop, and Argyle are more than likely going to end up in and out of the barrel several times before the end of the season. The Green Army's nails would be well and truly bitten by then.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Not even Vale can help

Port Vale seek to enter administration on Friday. Normally such an announcement would be welcomed by other clubs in the league purely on a points/league position basis. But unfortunately for Argyle, Vale are currently sat on 50 points, so even with a 10 point deduction from the FL, they still sit way above Argyle who are on only 29. Even if Vale get extra deducted for their second time in admin, they still wouldn't do the Greens any favours.

It's a Heartache

Plymouth 0 - 1 Gillingham

Well the euphoria never lasts long, especially after the clueless matches played since that great win that lifted the Greens out of the relegation zone. And you could not get more clueless that the loss against a 10 man team that dumped them right back in it. Managers fault? To go out at home with just one striker is too defensively minded, and not to be able to capitalise on a weakened team is criminal. There is still a few months of the season left, but really is Argyle do survive it will be some skin of the teeth miracle.