Thursday, 8 March 2012

12 Seconds

AFC Wimbledon 1 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

It's gonna be one of those end of seasons. With just around 2 months left, Argyle are managing to yo-yo in and out of the relegation zone on a near weekly basis. Following the last 3 inept games, who'd have thought that the Greens would pull off another win to pull them back up to 4th from bottom, let alone score a goal just 12 seconds after kick off. Though it was Bhasera that did it this time rather than Chadwick, but Chadders rather than being outdone scored the winner on 49 mins following the wombles' equaliser at the end of the first half. Although it was still not a perfect performance by the Pilgrims, as Wimbledon could easily have taken the lead after Argyle dozed off several times, though credit to those players who defused the dangerous situations. There are now a dozen or so teams hovering around that drop, and Argyle are more than likely going to end up in and out of the barrel several times before the end of the season. The Green Army's nails would be well and truly bitten by then.

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