Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ticket Prices 2011/12

Argyle have released the ticket prices for pay on the day for the forthcoming season.

There will be no POTD levy, thus all prices are set at:

Adult - £20
Over 65 - £15
Under 18 - £7
Family (1+1) - £25

for anywhere in the stadium, except the disabled stand.

This has simplified the POTD structure, whereby before you used to get a discount for buying in advance and pay more for premium compared to standard seating, however, like the season ticketing there had been losses and cuts to previously available tickets. For example a family ticket has shrunk to 1 adult + 1 child (from 2+2), there are no student or under 21 discounts, and the under 18 and under 10 tariffs are the same. This has already caused annoyance at previous ST holders who came under these brackets, and thus will cause more outrage that they cannot even get a POTD discounted ticket.

The Squad 2011/12

The squad as it stands so far:

1 Romain LARRIEU
2 Durrell BERRY
5 Stephane ZUBAR
6 Curtis NELSON
7 Luke DALEY
8 Simon WALTON
13 Ladjie SOUKOUNA
14 Onismor BHASERA
15 Luke YOUNG
17 Jared SIMS
18 Jordan COPP
23 Jake COLE

That is just 5 first team players left from last season.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Name's Bond...

...W H Bond.

The new kit and sponsors have been revealed just in time for the new season in Argyle tradition of waiting till the last minute. The new Puma made green home and white away kits will bear Cornish family business W H Bond Timbers' name for the season, with future sponsorship dependant upon on pitch performance.

The new all green kit will please many fans, especially as the much derided red Ginsters logo has been consigned to history and the Bond Timber logo fits in well with no jarring colour contrast, although Ginsters are still alleged to have interest in the club.

However, it's not without the usual puzzlement that eminates from Home Park as of late. What does Ridsdale mean when he said:

"When we spoke to WH Bond & Sons about our predicament [regarding lack of kit], the first thing they did - which I think is an indication of a relationship that is outstanding - is they wrote a cheque so that we will have a kit to play in.

"Not only against Shrewsbury, but also in home games coming forward before - ultimately - the main kit that we are hoping to play in for the rest of the season will arrive."

So what - ultimately - is the main kit they are hoping to play in?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Season Tickets 11/12

Details of the season tickets for 2011/12 have been released:

Adult: £240
Over 65s: £260
10-17 year olds: £120
Family (1+1): £380

for anywhere in Home Park (different prices apply for the disabled stand)

Under 10: Free, when sat in the Family Stand (block 1), maximum of 2 children per adult

There will be no STs sold in blocks 15-19. The deadline for renewal of an existing seat is Fri 22 July.

Thus, in comparison to last season there has only been a £20 reduction in price to reflect the relegation in league, the family ticket has shrunk with the elimination of the 2+2 option. Once again Argyle have shown very little thought for its supporters, and, although better than the increase in prices last season following a relegation, supporters are still paying MORE than they were when watching Argyle TWO DIVISIONS higher.

Zoo Closure

Following the announcement regarding season tickets, it is noted that no STs will be sold for blocks 15-18 due to safety and security reasons, effectively meaning that yet another part of Home Park is being closed down. Now that means that along with the Mayflower and 4 blocks, nearly 1/3rd of HP is out of bounds to supporters.

League 2 away crowds are never that big, especially the travelling support so 5 blocks for the opposition is over accommodating and will mean that in the majority of cases only 2/5ths of their allocations will be sold, thus with what will be a smaller home following, probably nearing 1/2th of the ground will only be occupied for the majority of the time.

The thinking probably being along these lines that it's better to concentrate fewer supporters in a smaller area, however ST holders and supporters have been shifted without care for the second time now, from Mayflower to Zoo Corner to wherever, causing a lot of ill feeling. And considering there's only been a £20 reduction in cost of a ST since last year (and what, if you work out the saving of a ST over the number of games, is only about £2 for POTD), a number of people will be saying 'sod it' to the Greens.