Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ticket Prices 2011/12

Argyle have released the ticket prices for pay on the day for the forthcoming season.

There will be no POTD levy, thus all prices are set at:

Adult - £20
Over 65 - £15
Under 18 - £7
Family (1+1) - £25

for anywhere in the stadium, except the disabled stand.

This has simplified the POTD structure, whereby before you used to get a discount for buying in advance and pay more for premium compared to standard seating, however, like the season ticketing there had been losses and cuts to previously available tickets. For example a family ticket has shrunk to 1 adult + 1 child (from 2+2), there are no student or under 21 discounts, and the under 18 and under 10 tariffs are the same. This has already caused annoyance at previous ST holders who came under these brackets, and thus will cause more outrage that they cannot even get a POTD discounted ticket.

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