Saturday, 6 August 2011

Start as you mean to go On

Shrewsbury Town 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

A draw start to the season from the Greens, a good start I suppose considering 1. it's not a loss and 2. it's good enough for the team considering what's gone on. Reid had to field 5 players that have never played in league football, 9 that had never played for Argyle before and in a team who's average age was only 22 - Larrieu didn't even feature and skipper Fletcher - at 31 - was the oldest in the XI. The Green Army had to wait the full 90 minutes to be rewarded by a screaming goal from Fletcher, though Shrewsbury only managed their opener at 69 minutes. There is obviously a lot that needs to be done before Argyle can be considered any force in the league, but fair plays to the lads they did alright.

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Green Blood said...

I think Prodigal Green vastly under praises an excellent team performance. It was a great game to watch and our young an inexperienced Greens by and large bossed the 1st half. They tired and lost their way a little around the time Shrewsbury scored but then managed to refocus and press for the deserved goal - a fact acknowledged by Graham Turner. They are not the finished article - but they played some attractive football and filled me with hope!