Wednesday, 31 August 2011

12 yards

That's all that was left between Argyle and advancement in the JPT, three worth's of 12 yards too. And yet not one penalty hit the target.

Exeter City 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle (3-0 pens)

And so the Greens are out of yet another cup tournament ('let's concentrate on the league', 'it's only a pot of paint' - only 300ish of the Green Army actually made the trip 42 miles up the road, and when some staunch supporters have got so disenfranchised with the franchise, who can really blame them?) at exactly the same point and against exactly the same team as last year. And though Argyle fought well to get back on level pegging, surely questions need to be asked that not one player could score from 12 yards with only one defender in the way? And yet this is what we have got, and save from a few loanees and free agents, the transfer window close very soon. Without the ratification of the football league, yet another deadline has been missed by the administration/takeover team and these players are who the Green Army will have to trust in - if they have a club to support at in the first place. Maybe it's inexperience, youth or nerves, but unfortunately struggles and frustrations like this, which are becoming expected, will be the norm.

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