Sunday, 28 August 2011

Strongest Team in the Football League

It's official Argyle are holding the whole football league up after being plunged rock bottom following

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Crewe

The on-pitch woes continue as Argyle lacked any bite back against Crewe, this suffering yet another home defeat. The off-pitch actions have and still have wide reaching repercussions and goes some way to proving that money does buy success or you can't make a silk's purse with a sow's ear. This is Argyle's sixth successive home defeat - the last time that happened was 1947 and show's no sign of any improvement. Without the distraction of the very existence of the club, supporters would now be questioning Reid's ability, who has not been able to make any Argyle side - with or without experienced players - work. Even so, the end of the transfer window is only a week away, and it is very very unlikely that any players will be brought in except for possibly free agents that no one else wants. Or maybe they're saving up for Luka Modric?

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