Friday, 26 August 2011

BIL of Health

Statement from The P&A Partnership, re: Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration):

"The joint administrators of Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration) are satisfied that Bishop International Limited has secured the necessary funding and everything is agreed between the numerous parties.

"Solicitors are now working to finalise the documentation and complete the sale to Bishop International Limited / Plymouth Argyle (125) Limited.

"Brendan Guilfoyle said: 'This has been a complex deal involving a dozen stakeholders. I am very grateful for the assistance I have received from everyone involved in the sale.

"'I can now look forward to the new club obtaining the share from the Football League and retaining their status as a Football League member club'.,,10364~2433309,00.html

So a deal has been struck with Bishop International Ltd, and on the proviso that contracts are signed and then ratified by the Football League, Argyle might just have been saved...

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CornishZak said...

We might've been saved financially but now need to sort our on-pitch woes out!

Hopefully once wages start going in, will will attract more players, and those we have will want to stay! (Re: Zubes)

Thanks for updates,