Saturday, 25 June 2011

Le Keeper's Testimonial

It's Romain Larrieu's testimonial year and events of Le Testimonial will kick off soon.

On the 1st July there will be a Special Guest Evening, Gala Ball and Celebrity Golf match.

Le Testimonial match is on Wednesday 20 July at Home Park v QPR, 7.45pm.
Tickets Adult £14 . Under 18 £7 . Over 65 £7 . Under 10 £4 (with £2 reduction for last season's season ticket holders, to be bought by 19th July)

More details can be found at Le Testimonial website.

Romain made his 300th appearance last season and as become a bastillion of the club, having been named club captain. As a constant presence at the club, Romain has remained loyal through the ups and downs, and thus deserves a great reception from the Green Army.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Out with the New

Argyle have decided to revert to the 'traditional' club crest, casting aside the New World's offering of the circular badge containing the Mayflower Crest. However, there are a few modifications in order to celebrate 125 years of the club.

The news will please many Argyle fans who have called for the removal of the new badge - and mostly cos it's been tainted with the New World fiasco and looked a copy cat of many other clubs badges.

The 125 version features gold trim and an extra banner at the top. Maybe after this celebratory season, the crest will revert to the plainer green/black/white design.

Friday, 17 June 2011


Some news!
After nearly a month of nothing except administration/mystery bidders/selling players/staff not being paid ... basically the same old crap. There's some news - something to look forward to. Well maybe not, because the fixtures came out today and all it does is remind you of how lowly Argyle have stooped.

First up is the league cup, which cause Argyle are unseeded, they've drawn Millwall at home (full list).
Second is the full league fixtures, which can be found here. Highlights include Rovers on Boxing Day, the Devon Derby I in November at Plainmoor the return being New Year Bank Holiday;first game is away to Shrewsbury followed by first home to Rotherham and ending at home to Cheltenham. Maybe the only plus is the travelling distance will be so much less, and there are just a handful of Tuesday night games.

This is assuming Argyle exist, as the bidders are still shrouded in secrecy - why? At this going rate, Argyle'll be starting on -10 points, and a further drop will be a potential reality.