Friday, 17 June 2011


Some news!
After nearly a month of nothing except administration/mystery bidders/selling players/staff not being paid ... basically the same old crap. There's some news - something to look forward to. Well maybe not, because the fixtures came out today and all it does is remind you of how lowly Argyle have stooped.

First up is the league cup, which cause Argyle are unseeded, they've drawn Millwall at home (full list).
Second is the full league fixtures, which can be found here. Highlights include Rovers on Boxing Day, the Devon Derby I in November at Plainmoor the return being New Year Bank Holiday;first game is away to Shrewsbury followed by first home to Rotherham and ending at home to Cheltenham. Maybe the only plus is the travelling distance will be so much less, and there are just a handful of Tuesday night games.

This is assuming Argyle exist, as the bidders are still shrouded in secrecy - why? At this going rate, Argyle'll be starting on -10 points, and a further drop will be a potential reality.

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