Sunday, 10 July 2011

Zoo Closure

Following the announcement regarding season tickets, it is noted that no STs will be sold for blocks 15-18 due to safety and security reasons, effectively meaning that yet another part of Home Park is being closed down. Now that means that along with the Mayflower and 4 blocks, nearly 1/3rd of HP is out of bounds to supporters.

League 2 away crowds are never that big, especially the travelling support so 5 blocks for the opposition is over accommodating and will mean that in the majority of cases only 2/5ths of their allocations will be sold, thus with what will be a smaller home following, probably nearing 1/2th of the ground will only be occupied for the majority of the time.

The thinking probably being along these lines that it's better to concentrate fewer supporters in a smaller area, however ST holders and supporters have been shifted without care for the second time now, from Mayflower to Zoo Corner to wherever, causing a lot of ill feeling. And considering there's only been a £20 reduction in cost of a ST since last year (and what, if you work out the saving of a ST over the number of games, is only about £2 for POTD), a number of people will be saying 'sod it' to the Greens.

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