Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Name's Bond...

...W H Bond.

The new kit and sponsors have been revealed just in time for the new season in Argyle tradition of waiting till the last minute. The new Puma made green home and white away kits will bear Cornish family business W H Bond Timbers' name for the season, with future sponsorship dependant upon on pitch performance.

The new all green kit will please many fans, especially as the much derided red Ginsters logo has been consigned to history and the Bond Timber logo fits in well with no jarring colour contrast, although Ginsters are still alleged to have interest in the club.

However, it's not without the usual puzzlement that eminates from Home Park as of late. What does Ridsdale mean when he said:

"When we spoke to WH Bond & Sons about our predicament [regarding lack of kit], the first thing they did - which I think is an indication of a relationship that is outstanding - is they wrote a cheque so that we will have a kit to play in.

"Not only against Shrewsbury, but also in home games coming forward before - ultimately - the main kit that we are hoping to play in for the rest of the season will arrive."

So what - ultimately - is the main kit they are hoping to play in?

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