Sunday, 6 April 2008

D (for Diabolical) Day

Plymouth Argyle 1 (Easter 60) - 2 Carlton Athletic (Lita 64, Lita 77)

Well it was D-Day (Sturrock, 2008) for Argyle and instead of successfully invading the Addiks' points, Argyle ended up being sunk with such benign ineffective performance that continued the recent bad run of games.

Sturrock made sweeping changes to the team, leaving Seip out altogether (Seip rumoured to have refused a place on the bench), but saw out an ineffective 11-man Argyle play a 10-man Carlton after their keeper got dismissed after just 5 minutes.

A ray of sunshine came when Easter scored to put Argyle ahead, but as is becoming common a few minutes later the equaliser came followed by the winning goal, with McCormick making hideous mistakes to allow both.

Saturday was meant to be the push for a promotion spot and Argyle bottled it, proving nothing but the fact that they're not good enough. Even the official site report has stated that the season is "over". Mathematically it is still just possible to sneak in, but in reality unless the other teams go in very very bad runs then finishing above 11th is all that Argyle can achieve this season.

And what is there to look forward to next season? A complete Home Park. No. Better players. Not likely with Sturrock scouting in the lower leagues.

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Lord Hutton said...

A bit disappointing 85 mins against 10.
My boys let in 3 in 7 minutes