Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Preseason: Truro and Parkway

Truro City 0 - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Puncheon, Barnes)
Plymouth Parkway 1 - 3 Plymouth Argyle (Mason, Rickard)

Off to a good start with wins all round. Luggy deciding to play two separate teams at Truro but with second place keeper Saxton completing the full 90 minutes (Larrieu is injured) show that Stack is well out in the wilderness banished never to return waiting to be off loaded to whoever will have him. There are reports of two trialists who are shoruded in secerecy as normal for they don't appear in any match report. One is rumoured to be Kari Anderson, just 1 lucky one who has, so far, the Luggy X Factor. But that still remains to be seen. The youth got off to a poor start on Tuesday as Parkway bagged the first goal, but the Greens then equalised by converting the penalty before taking the lead thanks to Mason and Rickard. Sturrock is pleased with what he's seen, though some supporters state that there were some poor individual performances that have not changed since last season.

That'll do for starters, the first games of the warm up campaign to blow out the cob-webs and should now set the tone for the rest. As last season's pre-season was a washout followed by a washout of a season, these testing the water games are going to be an indication of what we can expect over the year.

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