Friday, 18 September 2009

Pie In the Sky

Does anyone actually truly believe that Plymouth could ever become a World Cup host city? Listening to BBC Radio Devon at the insurmountable evidence stacking up against winning in as much as:
- we have crap transport links, the nearest airports that can accept 747s and motorway are an hour away?
- we have no crowds, if the league games attract 8,000 fans, what more will a low-key match attract?
- what will we do with a 40,000 seater folly in the middle of Plymouth with 8.000 people rattleing round in it? Probably much less when we get relegated
- who from Bristol and beyond would travel all the way down to Plymouth for a game when it'll be quicker to go to London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Portsmouth...?

Is it all a waste of time and just something to placate the Pilgrims supporters into believing the newbies are thinking big?

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