Saturday, 26 September 2009


So, so far this season the crowds at Home Park have been dwindling yet we can take 2,500 to Newcastle. At the beginning of the season lower prices were announced by the board and the gates have hardly been flooded with Plymouth public stampeding to get in. Even with the introduction of Football Specials (which, have actually been well received aside from the teething problems). Though if the crowds were to increase there'd be no room, so luckily they haven't.

However, now the Great Sky Giveaway has happened and tomorrow's game verses Nottingham Forest will be screened in front of a full (ish) stadium and who knows how many at home. All because the club gave away as many FREE tickets as it could. Thus, to those in the know it follows that people are have not turned up because the ticket prices are still far too high so there will be a review of ticket prices. Again. Now there has to be some strange logic somewhere in the disorder that is the Argyle support. Because it stands to reason that if people will only come if it is free then why should they want to come no matter what price the ticket is unless it cost £0.00?

Does this only mean that people feel that the Argyle product is not worth spending anything on? Maybe there's a consolation that at least they can give it away.

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Anonymous said...

What a pathetic piece of so called journalism. Must be an Excretia fan.