Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Vocal Minority

Too many people think that they know how to run PAFC better than anyone else, and unfortunately they are the ones who shout loudest.

Back at the end of last season there was a meeting for supporters about match day entertainment. Those that attended were very scathng in their views and the meeting agreed to turn the volume down,; have no music played for around ten minutes before the teams emerge, allowing fans to build atmosphere; make sure that Semper Fidelis is played in full; keep post-goal music, but to vary it; David Fitzgerald being assisted by Johnny Hore in interviewing guest players; have presentations to take place in centre-circle; teams emerging for second half to Chelsea Dagger, Great Escape, Johnny Comes Marching Home - not Semper.

Only 30 people turned up for the meeting, but their wishes were taken into account. So far, the reaction of those who claim not to have known or didn't bother to go or any other excuse (forum), (forum),(forum) has being scathing too, mainly along the lines of "what the hell were they thinking?" in spite of that's what people had been calling for for the whole of last season. Well the board listened, it failed so are now convening another meeting. No excuses this time.


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