Friday, 18 September 2009

Supporters' Club Meeting

Far from calling for the head of Luggy on a silver platter, by avoiding as far as possible a potential bun fight, the metting last night attended by about 180 people took a look at some of the more finer points about PAFC.

1. The 2018 World Cup bid
The official bid launch will be at the Forest game when Sky are in attendance, apparently the FA officials were surprised that Plymouth was more than its Dockyard. The plan is for the "FanFest" to bve held on the Hoe, and PAFC to benefit from new training facilities, along with a multipurpose stadium for use by the Raiders.

All the righ noises were being made it seems, a far cry from the interview on BBC Bristol which saw the city pooh-poohed and considered out of the running against Bristol and Portsmouth.

2. Train Travel

First Great Western and PAFC hope to partner up to offer a special £3.00 Cornwall-Plymouth ticket for matches

Another excellent initiative for the support that is vital from over the boarder, now that the football specials are attempting to gather up the Green Army in the city. Perhaps they could look in the northerly and easterly directiion too?

3. Catering at Home Park

Is franchised out and thus the prices are beyond PAFC's control, however the beer tent in the grandstand is run by PAFC and have undercut Lyndley's Catering by a significant amount causing bad feeling.


4. Season Ticket holders/Tickets

Upon reaching the Premier League might get a free one! The senior citizen age limit should be reduced from 65 to 60 and there will be a new £48 DJM team ticket which will allow entry for a whole junior football team, along with an increase in free tickets to school children from 160 to 500.

Hahahahahah, be waiting a long time for that free ticket then.

5. Players

It is hoped inthe long run that Japanses players will be brought over and that current players who dissent in the ranks deserve all they get and Luggy knows best how to deal with it.

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