Sunday, 20 September 2009

When will it Go Right

Newcastle United 3 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

It's very easy to be sat behind a keyboard - sometimes anonymously - and shout the odds at Sturrock et al, but when you see it in the flesh it's not all as it seems. The long old poke ended today with a stay over in Sheffield, and because the M1 was closed a tour of some northern grounds on the way home. There is clearly something there - we are not as bad at the league table suggests though we are shit and we know we are (TM The Toon Army). Sturrock, Crudgie, Blackley et al are doing something extremely wrong when the same mistakes are happening game in game out and it hasn't improved in 2 years. Yet it is the same old story. Argyle could never the Same Old Argyle if it wasn't for the recurring flaws that blight every manager. Maybe it is the age old green is bad luck adage?

To be fair we were really expecting that much from the last three games? The glimmer of hope that Blackpool beat the Toon this week probably raised expectations beyond it being a jolly good day out. The next game is verses Forest at home in front of the cameras. This is traditionally bad omen for the Greens as a televised match usually ends in a loss.

As for Sturrock, well we are stuck with him for the duration, no amount of protest will really do any use. Luggy probably knows that he is a very lucky man to still be in charge. Derren Brown states that the combined willpower of people will result in something tangible. Now do we will the team to a win or "Sturrock out"?

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