Sunday, 12 September 2010

Kicking the First Team up the Arse

Colchester United 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

What a shambles of a first half that saw the Greens well and truely at rock bottom - of the League One table. From a team that was looking to challenge for a bounceback promotion to one that looked due a double drop. Until half time. Who knows what Peter Reid said to the team in the dressing room but the second half was better - mind you it would have been hard to be worse - that finally saw an equaliser and a lift away from the drop zone. Though it still leaves the, to quote Fitz, 'best in the West' the worst in the west. And Molyneux got sent off - again. He's only played a handful of games and he's a liability. The team need a right royal kick up the arse, though where to start is a problem as there is so much wrong with the whole club set up at the moment. The Green Army have found other things to do with their time and money, as many have seen it's just history repeating itself, whether they were stallwarts for the glory hunters of the 90s/00s. A long hard hill to climb has only just begun but there is so little traction that one step forward means ten steps back.

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