Saturday, 11 September 2010

Fall From Grace

In the run up to the match today, where frankly anything could happen, such is the predictability,
Argyle are sitting in 21st place in the relegation zone. Just 3 years ago around when Holloway left they were 4th in the Championship. Such a big drop. Although by this time in that season Argyle had only won 1 and drawn 3, this season they have won 1, drawn 1, lost 2. Only 2 points difference. So what has gone wrong to see the (temporary?) Mighty Greens become the feeble greens?

In all truthfulness it is probably a combination of lots of things - investment, signings, management choices, team spirit. But the rot has taken over and the infection spread farther than ever before. At the moment the World Cup bid is a placebo that is attempting to be a sticking plaster that may work miracles, but it's a big gamble. Landing on your ass in the mud as you fall down the leagues is never pleasant, and you can't even claim £250 from You've Been Framed to prop up your books.

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