Thursday, 16 September 2010

How clean is your House?

With the high profile cases of football clubs in finanical dire straits at the moment, how well are Argyle, once championed as a well run club doing? The initial start is Todd's stataement of desire to become a debt free club, and when coupled by the well publicised debts of the last few years, are Argyle sliding down the slippery slope to Portsmouth, Cardiff, Wednesday, Charlton etc. The continued selling off of the family silver year on year to keep the club afloat certainly due in part to declining gate numbers and foolhardy signings that cannot be severed, and who knows what else behind the scenes (World Cup Bid?). The failure to finish the ground or buy in decent players are blatant symptoms that have disenfranchised the Green Army. Add in the loss of TV and advertising revenue due to relegation and you have a very big mess. Just how well, or badly, are Argyle doing?

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