Saturday, 4 September 2010

Have a Break

The Greens are on international break today, meaning a postponement of the Brighton and Hove match (till Tuesday 21 September). Probably the only "big" thing that they've done in League One so far.

The transfer deadline passed a few days ago, and a last minute deal saw the addition of Stephane Zubar to the squad. The 23 year old French defender who plays full/centre back impressed Reid during pre-season against QPR and signed following international clearance. Although Stephane come into some what of a fragile squad at the moment.

The opening few games of the season haven't really set the footballing world alight, even counting the win verses Portsmouth B. The 'Argyle norm' has infected another season. That 'typical Argyle' play that affects anyone who pulls on a green shirt no matter who makes up the first XI and that no manager has seemed to eradicate in spite of however many loan players are added. Additionally going the other way very few players have left, leaving bloated pay packets hanging around the club doing bugger all but drain the coffers. At a time when there are numerous rumours that staff are not getting paid.

And there's a disgruntled movement afoot towards the board for their failures to take steps to reverse the decline of the end of the 'Stapleton years'. The World Cup bid is being viewed as a distraction and money maker at the expense of the day to day running of a football club. A distraction that is hinged on 2 decisions and could make or break the club. Or do both at the same time.

Of the three teams that were relegated to L1 last season, two are currently at the top of the table, whilst the other lingers down the bottom and dropping further by the game. It doesn't really take a genius to work out who's who. And why.

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