Saturday, 25 September 2010


A throw away reference by a mate (see Gary) that was quite inspired but lost on most of the people around. Argyle have literally become a joke to many. From the lack of ambition that goes back decades, to the poor performances, bad signings and selling off of the good ones. Why does every player that signs for Argyle turn inept at their job, and as soon as they're sold receive the Midas touch? How many ex-Argyle players are now banging in the goals for their new clubs, and even worse how many of them have been against the Greens?

The complete lack of being able to string together any sort of consistency has seen gates yo-yo in what has become predictable of good performance on a low gate - gates rise for the next game, Argyle get stuffed - only this time round the good performances are only flashes in the pan. Plymothians have never been given any reason to be proud of its football club. They came close in the Holloway era but were hesitant. And proven right. Even now if they do turn up, the ticketing situation has become a shambles if you are to read the football forums, and they can't even get in!

The club is systematically being pulled apart on and off the pitch - there is no team effort from players, management or supporters alike. But then again, has much actually really changed?

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