Monday, 7 June 2010

One Step Out of Time

Plymouth is the end of the world and things happen slower here than everywhere else, apparently. No wonder the new kit virtually gets made the day of pre season. So it's no wonder that Peterborough got their manager soon after season's end, and Argyle are still groping around. None the less, they may be getting rid of the ones they have, with Carver linked to return back to Newcastle. Carver was appointed to assist Head Coach Mariner when he 'took over' from Sturrock following his 'promotion to the back room', on contract till 2012 as he was tempted to leave to go to Burnley. So, with no apparent manager on the horizon, Mariner still in limbo land, a goalkeeper who coaches himself, and a chief scout who has not been mentioned in the signing of Patterson, the Greens are set to let go one of the very few management staff at the club. Maybe it's saving money.

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