Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Coming to a ground near you soon?

With the overwhelming popularity of the vuvuzela in South Africa, but derided on TV by those still at home, the instrument is selling like hot cakes back in the UK. The FL and PL state that there is nothing to stop fans bringing them into British stadia and expect them to be appearing soon.

The controversial instrument has divided fans during the World Cup, and looks set to do the same come the new season. As much as drums, flags, face paints and singing divide fans at Argyle, could the horns be making regular appearances at Argyle matches come August? I hope not, but then Argyle fans cannot keep any atmosphere going for more than 5 minutes without a moan. On the other hand all the hot air could be put to use for once. Personally I hate them, they're not even a good score in Scrabble. Except on a triple word score.

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