Saturday, 13 September 2008

Out of Ideas

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 2 Norwich City

Hurrah a new wave of optimism swept through the Green Army after the recent signings and we were well on the road to recovery. Until 15.00 today. When Surrock ran out of ideas.

The lack of fitness of the new signings was made public but people didn't notice that none of the 'new wave' would be playing for much of today's game. So Luggy chose a player who has no intention of ever wearing a green shirt again to be the main strike force. To all intents and purposes the game was worse than the Swansea match - and that takes some beating. Nothing went well and Norwich should have won by 6 clear goals, add to that the Greens were playing with just 10 men following Timar's dismissal for two bookings.

What exactly happened over the last 2 weeks in training? Because it certainly didn't seem like much on the field, many players not even knowing who their team mates in green were. And Sturrock did nothing. It's as if he has no clue what to do to remedy the situation. Some people are calling for his sacking, and to be fair if he was any other manager the situation would be worse. Sturrock is lucky that he is still seen by many as Argyle's Saviour. But for how much longer? 2 games, once the new signings have played? Christmas, when the team has formed properly? Or on relegation? That's the trouble - some have unshakable belief in things coming good, others don't. Who will have the last laugh? One things for sure. Neither will back down.

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