Saturday, 27 September 2008


Plymouth Argyle 1 (Fallon 41) - 0 Nottingham Forest

90 odd minutes, one sending off and one dismissed penalty later Argyle had continued their winning streak by defeating Nottingham Forest at home - the first home win of the season. The winning side at Palace and Watford was changed only by a shuffle of the bench with Noone taking Easter's place after he left for Millwall this week. However, it was Rory Fallon not Gallagher who struck home the only goal of the game nearing half time, but the scoreline could have been so different. Forest's best chance went wide by a few centimetres as Larrieu missed the save that was certain to go in only to be intercepted with centimetres to go. Forest has a number of chances in the second half that were thwarted by Larrieu as they lost all the control that had seen them victoriously enter half time, meaning they had to slog out the rest of the game, compounded by Mackie hitting the bar.

Luggy again left most of the managing to Summerfield and the mysterious man in the dugout - now identified as team coach Blackley. Apparently this is due to a dodgy tummy, yet he was as inanimate at Palace. Is Sturrock taking a more back seat to management then? But even so the game was scrappy, and thankfully Forest were not that good. But the first win at Home Park has put Argyle in the top half of the table (12th) and blown away the dark clouds that have gathered this season and Bristol City awaits on the horizon.

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Lord Hutton said...

Forest losing? Shame. Well done Pilgrims