Wednesday, 10 September 2008

It's Not Our Fault Guv'nor

Paul Stapleton has released a statement today ahead of the "new initiative" tomorrow explaining the delicate balancing act he and the board have had to face over the last year. He states that since 2006 the club have spent £3.8 million on players and that the succession of record signings are evidence that the club lived up to the promise of 'having a go' at reaching the Premier League. Receipts from players totaled £5.4 million, but the excess has had to go to shoring up the falling gate numbers.

So there you have it - there is no money. It's all gone on players and various other unnamed expenditure blamed on the falling gate numbers. So perhaps you could technically say that it fans didn't stay away then there wouldn't need to be any balancing to do. It's all your fault really.


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